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There are 364 Bar Staff, Waiter and Waitress Jobs available.

Bar and waiting staff jobs are a great way to earn money while you study! You will learn a wide range of skills including communication, customer service and time management. If you are a sociable person who enjoys interacting with customers and thrives in a busy environment then this is the perfect job for you! See the bar staff and waiter/waitress job roles that we have on offer below!

Bar and Waiting Staff from £9 per hour

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F&B/Waiters in 5-star Hotels in Greece

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MEP Hospitality Staffing - Part-time and Full-time - London

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London Event Waiting Festival Bar Work @ £7.83-£10 per hour – flexible &am

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Waiting staff required for MAJOR CONCERTS!

Waiting + Bar staff required for MAJOR SPORTS events

Waiting + Bar staff required for MAJOR events

Bar Assistant in London

Jobs in LONDON in catering and tourism industry

VIP Hospitality Event Staff in London

Waiter/Waitress in London

Cleaner in Bristol

EWEP is offering Jobs in London in catering in Hounslow

The London Beer Factory is looking for staff

Pickwick Hall is looking for a Live-In Evening Receptionist in London


London Weekday & Weekend Events, Bar & Waiting Shifts; Regular & Flexible

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Part-time work in restaurants across London.

Food & Beverage Supervisor Internship in Chepstow

Banqueting Waiter/Waitress at Marriott Hotel Grovsvenor Square in London

Fun & Flexible Event Work - Part-time and Full-time in London!

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Part-time Waiter & Bar Shifts at Exciting London Events & Restaurants

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Exciting New Role with At Your Service & Bicester Village in London

VIP Events and Hospitality Staff in London

Part-time bar and event staff needed at Twickenham Stadium in London

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Waiting and hospitality jobs in London

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Part-time waiter & waitress jobs across London

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Flexible part/fulltime - music/sport event work across London

Part/Fulltime Music and Sports event staff in London

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French speaking Animateurs: In-store product tasting in London