Where do you work? A cubicle? A home office? An open-plan warehouse? Whichever it is, it’s inevitable that you’ve felt the drive to imprint yourself on your surroundings. And quite right, too; a personalised workspace can boost contentment, productivity and feelings of control.

Whether you’re an expander or a surveyor, we’ve collated our favourite desktop accessories to brighten up your Mondays.

Batman projector light

We all need a superhero in our lives now and then. Summon your co-workers in style with this batman projector light – perfect for bringing a little pizzazz to the office wall.

Got a meeting? Batman. Need help with an assignment? Batman. Got a performance review looming and you’re coming in sub-target…? Maybe put batman away for a while.

Life calendar

Diaries are for people with time. Erase the need for thought or effective communication with this convenient emoji life calendar!

Draw a smiley – or frown-ey – face on each circle, et voilà! Your daily entry is complete. Not the best for recording fond memories. Excellent for diagnosing long-term depression.

Clean work desk

Hot cookie

Infuriated by how quickly your cuppa cools? Tea and coffee are workplace staples, and they just gotta be hot. Plug this cute cookie-shaped hotplate into a USB and let that steam blow free. Just don’t take a nibble.

Fruity notepads

For those sick of the standard post-it, these fruity alternatives will have you salivating. Taste the rainbow in multiple flavours: lemon, strawberry, apple – you name it, they’ve got a fun little post-it version of it.

What’s more, they’re made from 80g Daolin 100% wood-free paper… Popular in Asia, apparently.

Clever putty

What’s better than putty? Magnetic putty! There’s nothing more stress-busting than sinking your fingers into some soft, pliable surface that you can pretend is your manager’s head.

You can use the magnet to either shape the putty or render the whole thing magnetic. The effect is actually super cool. Perfect for the scientist or big kid in the office.

Cloud panels

It’s no secret that office incarceration is bad for you. All those hours sitting in your chair, staring at a blue screen, with fresh air nowhere in sight…

With these handy panels, you can beat the interior blues and pretend that your office environment is actually bearable. Stick them over a standard 2ft. X 4ft. light panel and enjoy the soft, diffused glow that now emanates from your (un)real-life skylight!

Okay, full disclosure: these aren’t available in the UK yet, or at least we couldn’t find anyone selling them. Still, it’s nice to dream.

Lazerwood keyboard cover

Tired of the endless steel shades and smooth silver textures of modern technology? Sounds like you need a little nature in your life.

No, we’re not talking about pot-plants. Lazerwood keyboard stickers are made from actual wood – lovely, thin-sliced wood – that can be lovingly applied to each of your keys to snazz up your typing. Stick ‘em on and bask in the classiness.

Laser keyboard

Now here’s a keyboard that the Lazerwood keyboard cover can’t cater to. The reason? It doesn’t actually exist… in the traditional sense, anyway. This pocket-sized gadget uses Bluetooth to connect to your computerised device, project a little keyboard onto your table and get you tapping away.

At £128.19, it’s a cinch – and fully portable! Or you could just buy a normal keyboard. Your choice.


Mother knows best. That’s what they say, right? And who needs an actual parent when they have Mother, a highly conscientious robot that lives to monitor your movements, accumulate data and tell you what to do?

So what if she looks like the technological lovechild of Mother Russia and H.A.L. from 2001:Space Odyssey? Mother comes with four sensors which you can attach to any object and teach to recognise movement, temperature changes, distance – anything, really. The sensors transmit this data back to Mother, who judges whether you are achieving a pre-determined target.

So you can use her to monitor your water intake and fitness, secure your house from intruders, check that your dog came in from the garden safe, remind Granddad to take his pills… Who said Britain was a nanny state?

Repeat after us: Mother knows best. Mother knows best. Mother knows…

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