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What with your work, studies, tests, assignments, reports, presentations, exams and what not - you must be mentally exhausted! Lying on your coach and trying to turn off your brain but unable to as you’re too busy processing all that you have to do the next day?


Okay, it’s time for a mental detox! Here are 7 ways you can take it easy after a long and tiring day:


  1. Go for a walk

As much as you long to put your feet up and tune into Netflix, save that for a bit later and go for a walk. Leave your phone behind. You need to disconnect from the world and just enjoy the fresh air outside - especially after being cooped up indoors all day. Even a 20-minute stroll around your neighbourhood can do you wonders!


Tiring Day at Work


  1. Hit the gym

Whether you hit the gym or just go for a run, the point is to get some exercise. Engaging in physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins. These chemical babies send positive signals to your brain and help alleviate feelings of stress.


A study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science tracked two groups of office workers with sedentary lifestyles employed at a large UK university. One group began walking three times a week for thirty minutes and the latter decided to wait for a minimum of ten weeks before starting the same activity. The walking group’s general morale increased significantly due to this form of exercise.


Fancy taking your walking shoes out? :D


  1. Set the environment

Once you’re done with your walk or gym session, it’s time to wind down. Create a softly lit atmosphere within your home with candles, lamps and soothing music. All this will let your mind and body know it’s time to relax.


  1. Take a warm bath

Soak your tired muscles by taking a warm shower and add Epsom salts. Got an interview tomorrow? Don’t think about it as there are plenty of interview tips for university students that you can follow. Feel the tension melt away as your body detoxifies and rejuvenates itself.


  1.  Put your phone away

Take a breather from technology and put your phone and laptop away. If you really want, turn on your television and tune into your favourite television show. Something mindless and comical, let’s say?


Tiring Day at Work


  1. Drink your favourite hot tea

Get snug in your pyjamas and let your hot tea work its magic on you. Warm drinks have a calming effect on the body. And who doesn’t feel cosy curled up in their nightwear with a warm cup of tea and a good book?


  1. Read a book

Speaking of reading…

If you have a love for reading, then escape reality and lose yourself in a world of literary fiction. Pick up an engaging, interesting read and let the pages turn themselves. Not only will it help you to forget your stress but will also give way to a deep, soothing sleep which will allow your mind and body to refresh itself for the next morning.

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