Employing Young Workers

When hiring, students and young workers can be the perfect fit for you and your business. Of course, sometimes you may require workers with long term experience. However, employing young workers offers growth and a fresh perspective.

Employing Young Workers

Why Should You Hire A Student?

In most cases, students are vital assets to your company. Hiring young people enables your business to work with the entrepreneurial minds of Generation Z, the digital natives. If you are looking for an extra pair of hands, either on a part-time or a full-time basis, students will prove that they are highly capable and more than willing to work on any task you set them!

You’re likely to find students who want to pick up weekend or evening jobs to support their university lifestyles. This means they are perfect for retail, bar staff or just about any position with flexible hours.

Are You Looking To Hire Interns?

Offering internships within your business is a convenient way to have a steady flow of fresh perspectives. Internship programmes are offered in most industries and are favourable for small or medium-sized enterprises who are looking to expand and increase their brand awareness.

Internships can last anywhere from 3 to 12 months, usually taking place in student holiday time. This means that all year round, you will have bright students within your workforce, who are looking to learn and will bring new and innovative ideas to the table.

You never know, employing young workers for internships could also lead to future recruitment if you are impressed by their abilities, making it a smooth recruitment process!

Not only do businesses benefit from internships, but students also do too. Paid work experience offers students the experience of a real business environment. Students can use their current skills and knowledge while gaining new assets and insights into the world of business.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Graduate?

Graduates are among the best employees that you could have in your workforce. Coming straight from university, graduates have current knowledge and understanding. They are also keen to start working, as let’s not forget their student debt!

As it is their first job as a graduate, they will want to impress and show off their capabilities in your business. Also, since all graduates are competing against each other, they are more likely to take a lower salary, which is no disadvantage on your part.

Graduates are also far more likely to develop long term commitment to the company they are working in. This is because they have their full career ahead of them. By staying within the company, they are more likely to progress into higher positions and, therefore, higher-paying salaries. They are also easy to integrate into the workplace, as they will have no previous office habits.

How To Attract Young Talent To Your Company?

Are you unsure about how to employ students? To attract young talent, you need to understand their needs. Of course, you can write a job vacancy. However, this may not attract the most suitable candidates. You will need to ensure you engage with your target candidates by writing a professional and informative job advertisement.

Generation Z appreciates businesses with a social presence while having authentic company values. Money may matter, but it doesn’t direct their entire decision. When looking for jobs, they prioritise the company culture over the paycheck as they aim to work for a company who suits and represents their values. Office perks such as after-work drinks and extra holidays for hard work, will not go unnoticed to them!

Why Hire Young People Through StudentJob?

Employing young workers and recruitment, in general, can be a stressful and prolonged task. StudentJob helps make that easier! We offer tailored Account Manager services and assistance every step of the way. You can even search through our database of 1 million candidates to find the perfect employees for you.

Whether you are looking to place a one-off internship advertisement, or require several part-time students, we can help you outreach to, and recruit generation Z.

Overall, employing young people is sure to enhance your company culture and provide new insights. Sign up with us today, and place your first vacancy, for free to start recruiting the perfect candidates!

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