Here on StudentJob, we have an example of job advert for you. This is what your new job listing with us will look like. Use this job advert example to your advantage and make sure you fill out all the relevant information about you, your company and the job role as much as possible.

The first thing potential candidates will see is your job advert summary. You want this area to be simple. Explain briefly what the job role is and what you and your company has to offer.

job advert example

How To Write A Job Advert

Writing a job advert on StudentJob is pretty simple. We also have a whole area dedicated to more details on how to write a job description. Because we are a job board site that specialises in student, intern and graduate jobs - you will need to tailor-make your job advertisement for students. It is a good idea before you start any job advert, to think about your target audience and what are the perks that students and graduates will like at your workplace.

Once you have all of your details about the potential candidate, the perks at your workplace, and the job description- you should start to fill in the areas required for your job advertisement. When it is complete it will look something like this;

job advert example

You will want to start talking about what you and your company offer. Make sure to mention any perks; like free lunches, a flexible workspace and the possibility to grow professionally and personally. You should also mention what you are looking for in a potential candidate too.

job advert examplet

Finally, you should do a summary of the job and have any other extra information, such as drivers licence, or language skills. Don’t forget to mention the correct type of job contract, too.

job advert example

Make sure to fill in as much information as possible when creating your job advert. Doing this will ensure that you will get the best potential candidates applying for your job.

Job Description Example

Here is a job description example. Take note of the style and the language used. Remember, our target audience is young workers, like students, interns and graduates. You want to encourage young workers to work for you in your company.

job advert example

StudentJob is Europe's largest job board targeted at young workers, students, apprenticeships, internships and graduates. A lot of our applicants are looking for their first-time job, they may not have the most experience, but they have the most drive and ambition. Hiring young workers is a sure way to future-proof your company.

Another reason to use StudentJob is that all of our jobs are implemented automatically on Google for Jobs. Unlike our competitors, placing your vacancy with us means your job post will also be found on Google with the potential of reaching thousands of people.

We at StudentJob can offer assistance with all your questions and your job postings. All you need to do is just contact us and we will help you in any way possible.

We are looking forward to working with you to find the perfect candidates for your job listings.

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