Have you ever wondered how to write a job description, or maybe how to write a job specification? You may be a seasoned pro at writing job descriptions, or perhaps you’re posting a job for the first time. Either way, we have some super useful tips on how to write a job description and target your vacancy audience to get quality applicants for your job post.

How To Write A Job Description

How To Write Your Own Job Description

Writing a job description is essential to get the best candidates to apply. Your job description needs to detailed, explaining what is required for the role, any experience and of course any other relevant information. We have all seen terrible job descriptions, and they do not leave a good impression on you or your company. With that in mind, we show you how to write your own job description - the best way possible.

Your Target Audience

As you’re writing your job description for the audience on StudentJob, your target audience is young workers, mostly between the ages of 16 and 24. Think of students, interns and graduates. Your job description should be appealing to the young worker and not too vague. Remember, some of your applicants may never have had a job before or they don’t have a lot of experience. Why should they choose you and your company to kick start their career? Thinking about your target audience before you create your job description is the best way to guarantee a successful job post.

Best Job Posting Titles

The title of your job post is rather important. Here, you will need a quick but eye-catching summary of the job position on offer. Your job title shouldn't be too long or too short; somewhere between 30-60 characters is best. The job title should mention the job role, what type of contract the job is, and what business the job is available at. For example, "International Recruitment" - that's the job title, "Internship" - that's the contract type, and "at StudentJob." That's the name of the company. So your title should look like this, "International Recruitment Internship at StudentJob."

Job Summary

The job summary is the first paragraph under your job title. Use this area to give a detailed but brief description of what you're looking for and talk about your company. You should also address the potential candidate and entice them to keep reading your job description. Maybe start the job summary with a question towards the potential candidate; such as, "Are you looking for International Business work experience to boost your CV? We are currently searching for a…". Remember, this section is your job summary. You will go into more detail about the job on offer a bit later. We recommend anywhere between 100 and 150 characters for this section.

Job Description

Now it's time to write your job description. Because this area can be full of information, it is a good idea to write a bullet point list of tasks, expectations and what your company has on offer. The first paragraph should be about your company, who you are and what is the ethos of the business. We recommend a word count of 60-100 words here.

Once you have created your first job description paragraph, it's time to move on to more details; in bullet list form. You should talk about the tasks or responsibilities the potential candidate will be doing in the job role. You should also talk about why someone should work for you and your company. Do you offer any benefits packages? Free lunches? What is the work environment like? You should also mention a salary expectation if applicable.

Now you will move on to the job requirements. Again, talk about work experience needed, what education level, how many hours a week and how long the contract will be if applicable and include a starting date if you can.

How To Use SEO For Your Job Post

Some people find the thought of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. SEO proofing your job listing is a great way to get your post found on search engine results. Here’s how to do it;

  • Make sure to mention in your job description the City and the Company name. People like to search for jobs in a City or jobs in a company - combining them both will greatly increase the chance of your job listing being found by those users. An example, “Internship in London at StudentJob.”
  • Mention the category the job role comes under, such as Online Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. So, in this case, “recruitment.”

Having optimised sentences dotted in your job description will help your job posting to be found on various search engine platforms. If you’re stuck on what keywords you should use, you can always contact us. Send your vacancy and your proposed keywords to and we can tell you what keywords are ideal for you and your job listing. Below we have some keywords and search results for you.

How To Write A Job Description

Job Description Example

Here we have a job description example for you, using the international recruitment internship template.

How To Write A Job Description

How To Use Google For Jobs

Unlike other job board sites, like indeed, here on StudentJob, all of our active job listings are optimised for Google for Jobs. This means that all the job vacancies you post with us will be on Google for Jobs. However, the only way you can achieve this is by filling in all the required fields when you are creating your job description. The more accurate you are, the better.

How To Write A Job Description

You must include your location and postal code, this way users can finite their search and can find jobs in their area. If your job listing is a nationwide post, please select the nearest city your Head Quarters are. You can mention within the job description that multiple locations are included.

You must select up to three job categories for your job listing. Make sure the job categories that you chose are relevant to the job on offer. Here is a list of job categories we have here on StudentJob to give you an idea of what to choose.

Always include the correct contract type for the job listing. Do not select contract types that are not relevant to your job listing.

Post Your Job Listing With Us

To post a job right here on StudentJob, just log in to your Company Profile page. If you require any advice or need assistance, you can contact us on and we are happy to help you with any of your vacancies. You can also place your vacancy straight away, and see your job listing live for the UK.

Still unsure about posting your job vacancies with us? Just check out our testimonial page.

We hope to work with you soon and help you find the best candidates for your job posts.

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