It is common knowledge that Google dominates the internet. Google is the number one search engine, and now they have Google for Jobs; a Google job board. But what is it, and how do you advertise jobs on Google? As an employer, you should take advantage of this new way to advertise jobs!

How to Advertise Jobs on Google


What is Google for Jobs?


Google for Jobs is a new job board which is found directly on Google. Currently, this service is available in the US, UK and most of Europe; it is being rolled out across the globe in stages. The idea is to make job searching much easier for users, by using Google's search algorithm, users can type in what kind of job they are looking for; including details like location, salary and more. Users can also apply for a job through the job board. A lot of job boards are not too keen on this new system; as it brings traffic away from their websites. However, we think this is a great, inventive idea as most of our target audience; Generation Z, use Google and online platforms to find and apply for jobs.


What are the benefits of Google for Jobs?


An average user uses Google search between 3 and 4 times a day, making an average of 7 billion searches per day. 41 million people use Google to search for jobs, and 2.5 million users search for jobs on StudentJob UK in a year! Having your job advertised on Google for Jobs and with us, is a fantastic way to get your job post seen. 

Another benefit of Google for Jobs is that all the information about the job posting is in one place. Google also pulls up other information about you and the company, such as reviews and the pros and cons of being in your workplace. Google for Jobs also has another nifty feature called "View Live." Users can click this button and are taken to another Google search page with the search phrase, "jobs near me." This handy feature allows users to see jobs in their current location. 

In addition to the above, Google for Jobs also has a sophisticated filter system; users can tailor their search for their preferences. By correctly utilising Google for Jobs, we are more successful in providing our target audience with a more positive user experience by showing them only the jobs that are applicable to them. In turn, this means you get talented and relevant candidates applying for your jobs; leading to a higher conversion rate and your jobs being filled.


How can I add my job to Google?


If you want to know how to add your job to Google, luckily you have come to the right place! As an employer, you cannot add your job advert directly onto Google for Jobs; instead to combat this, here on StudentJob, all of your job advertisements are automatically available on Google for Jobs. How awesome is that! You don't have to do anything but register and post your job ad for free. If you want a quick tutorial on how to post a job advertisement that is great for Google for Jobs and how to SEO proof your job ads, we have you covered. 

StudentJob specialises in finding full-time jobs, part-time jobs and graduates jobs for Students. We have an exceptional database with over 1 million talented candidates waiting to work for you.

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