Benefits of Hiring Students

Benefits of Hiring Students

Is it your first time hiring students or is it something that you are only now starting to look at? The prospect of hiring students can be slightly daunting and perhaps you have a variety of questions surrounding the topic. There are multiple reasons why hiring a student might be a perfect option for you and your company. On this page we will look at some of the benefits of hirings students and how you can hire a student. If you already know you want to hire a student contact us today!

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What are the benefits of hiring students?

How Hiring Students can Benefit Your Company

    Hiring a student comes with many benefits, and they often have a lot of knowledge and skills that will be extremely valuable and essential in adapting your business to the constantly changing world. Students are fresh out of university. They are therefore full of lots of useful and recent information about your industry, they can therefore be a great assist to your business as they will give you a new insight and propose ideas that perhaps haven't even crossed your mind. A lot of students will have completed internships or placements where they will have gained a variety of hard and soft skills.

How Much Do You Pay a Student?

However, for a lot of them, it will be their first time having a proper job. This is therefore a great opportunity for you to train them into the model employee. Of course, there are also benefits to your profit margins when hiring students. Because of their lack of experience or no experience, the wage you will pay students is less than someone who has been in the industry for multiple years. However, if your goal is for them to remain in your company remember that paying them the bare minimum will have a negative impact on how they view you/your company as an employer and they may be inclined to look for better-paid work elsewhere.

Why should I hire students?
benefits of hiring students

How to Hire Students

Hiring a student has never been easier and our team of experts are here to assist you every step of the way. Our website allows you to post your vacancy and gain access to our database of over one million candidates. Our sales team will be happy to discuss the different vacancy options available to you including a variety of exposure services and SEO expertise to ensure your vacancy is getting exposure and appearing well in search results. You can contact us today to see how we can help your company!

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We get it. Looking for employees can be stressful. It takes up your time, effort and most importantly, money. That’s why at StudentJob we are offering first-time clients the opportunity to post a job advert and get the first three applicants free of charge. Any applicant after that is £10 and they will be charged for at the end of the vacancy. Cancellation is possible at any time, so there’s no risk either. If you take advantage of this offer you will still benefit from our tailored Account Manager service and assistance every step of the way. The vacancy will run for one month, and the purchase of a premium vacancy package will unlock all the applications. If you´re happy let's discuss how we can maximise your reach and enhance your job posting experience. Place your job advert and let us connect students to you.

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