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Why You Should Hire an Intern

An intern is an individual who is either a student or a trainee, completing an internship to gain experience. While most internships are paid, some are not. On this page we will explain to you what an intern is, the benefits an intern might bring to your company as well as how you can hire an intern. An intern will be completing a professional learning experience in your company. Internships offer a meaningful and practical work-related experience to students studies or their career of interest. They will be given their own tasks and responsibilities. An internship allows a student to explore potential career paths and develop a variety of hard and soft skills.

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Benefits of Hiring an Intern

Benefits of Hiring an Intern

    An intern is a student who is looking to gain work experience, skills and an insight into a potential career path. An intern is a proper employee, they will be given their own tasks and responsibilities and the majority of the time an intern will be paid. An internship usually lasts between 6-12 months as they cannot be an intern for an indefinite period of time. Interns will usually be assigned one manager, their manager will be in charge of providing/organising any training and will be able to offer their intern assistance when required.

How to Hire an Intern

Hiring an intern has never been easier. You can hire an intern by pacing a vacancy on our site today. Our site specialises in working with students and, with our database of over 1.2 million candidates, we will be sure to find you your perfect match. You can contact one of our experts today and, they will be happy to assist you on how to place a vacancy and talk you through a variety of different exposure services you might be interested in to boost your vacancy.

How to Hire an Intern

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