Why Should You Hire a Fashion Intern?

Fashion interns are interns that assist their managers and other staff members above them by executing entry-level tasks which through experience will help them obtain hard and soft skills. The types of tasks that fashion interns will do include: answering emails on behalf of their supervisor, answering phone calls, running errands like getting food and drinks for their team, locating pieces of wardrobe for photoshoots and other help.

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What is a Fashion Intern?

What is a Fashion Intern?

    A fashion intern is someone who wants to eventually pursue a career in fashion and assist in carrying out basic daily duties. Fashion interns will realize that during their job they will be doing mostly things that are unrelated to fashion, however, it can contribute to many learning experiences in the field. In regards to training, fashion interns get minimal training as their tasks are very simple. Hiring a fashion intern is beneficial as an intern can ease the workload for a manager as well as provide experience to someone to start their career in the fashion industry.

How to Hire a Fashion Intern

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What is a Fashion Intern?

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