Graduate Jobs in Maidstone

There are 10 graduate job in Maidstone.

Did you just graduate and you are worried about what jobs are available? Check out what vacancies there are in Maidstone. It is hard to be a graduate burdened by the stress and pressure of being independent, being pushed into the real world, and having to look for a job to provide for yourself. But your time of stress could be over as located within Kent lies the historical town called Maidstone. As one of the biggest towns in Kent, Maidstone is historically significant as the River Medway was instrumental in the town’s trade and made it a centre of agriculture for the entire county. As well as farming, the town was heavily dependent on industry. However, over the years it has shifted more towards services and light industry. This is why Maidstone is perfect for a graduate to get a job: it is not as popular as London for young people but it is large enough to offer a variety of graduate jobs.

graduate marketing jobs in Maidstone

Are you someone that loves to be creative and work with big groups of people? Then marketing is a good option for you. Maidstone offers a variety of marketing jobs for graduates such as assistant, web designer, consultant, market researcher, content producer, and many more that you can check out! The main basic skills required for marketing are being good at communicating, being a team player, and possessing creative and analytical skills. The requirements you need to obtain to pursue a career in marketing are very simple: a diploma of higher education, preferably a bachelor’s or master's in business, marketing, or public relations. However, if you don't meet these requirements don’t worry as when it comes to the field of marketing experience is also valuable and you can test the waters beforehand through internships or being a brand ambassador.

graduate school jobs in Maidstone

Ifyou’re interested as a recent graduate in wanting to contribute to the education system in Maidstone, there are a variety of positions in schools such as teacher assistant, teacher (drama, English, science, etc.), cook, tutor, working in school administration and many more. The perks of working in the education sector are that you apply for any position that suits you best or interests you the most. For example, if you are someone who just graduated with a social sciences degree or even a maths degree, either way, the beauty of the educational sector is that there are a variety of different positions that are the perfect fit for your qualification. When thinking about what requirements you need when applying to jobs in schools in Maidstone remember the following:

  • A degree in the specific subject you want to teach
  • Attained minimum requirements in GCSE in maths, science, and English (if you want to teach in primary schools).
  • Completed initial teacher training (ITT).

Maidstone is certainly worth consideration as the perfect place from where to set out on the first stage of your adult life.

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