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Are you looking for catering assistant jobs? Then you're in luck! We on StudentJob have various roles under catering that may suit you. You will need to be creative, can think quickly on your feet and adapt to situations. You will need to prepare food and drinks and keep a record of stocks and supplies. Do you have a flair for cooking and flavour? Then browsing catering assistant jobs is a great start to kick off your career. Register, upload your CV and start applying for catering jobs for free, today.

Part Time - Bar and Waiting Staff at Seasonal Events in London

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Work @ the Brits! - £11.25-£14 p/h Flexible Work no experience

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Bar and Waiting Staff at MAJOR Sporting Events in London

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London Event Waiting Festival Bar Work @ £9-£10.55 per hour – flexible work

London Weekday, Weekend Events, Bar & Waiting Shifts, Regular & Flexible

MEP Hospitality Staffing - Part-time and Full-time - London

Flexible events jobs and festival jobs (pool)

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Work as a Waiters/Waitresses in a Bar (Pool of Candidates)

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