Why Your Part-Time University Job is Great for Your Career

By Inspiring Interns on 26-02-2016

Why Your Part-Time University Job is Great for Your Career

Entering the world of graduate jobs without professional work experience can feel pretty intimidating. However, if you’ve worked part-time during your studies, the chances are you’ve developed a whole range of skills that can put you ahead in the graduate market.

So don’t despair, if the only experience you can count on for your CV or interview is on the telephones at your SU or in a bar or coffee shop, here’s the top skills you will have picked up.

Organisational skills

If you’ve successfully managed a work, social and academic life during your studies, then you’ve already displayed an ability to organise your time efficiently and effectively.

Companies looking to hire a graduate will want to hire someone who they know can prioritise their responsibilities and effectively manage their workload to make sure it all gets done, and you’re already a step ahead.


As a fresh graduate at any company, top of the important soft skills checklist is going to be the ability to communicate effectively. If you’re working on the front line, talking to client and customers every day, the skills that you will have picked up dealing with customers either on the phone or over a counter will speak volumes to your potential employer.

Perhaps just as important, it’ll display that you can communicate professionally and respectfully with your new colleagues. Make sure it’s clear on your CV that your job was customer facing, and they’ll know that you’ll have developed the ability to communicate.


Man going up ladder that says careProblem Solving


Have you ever had a customer complaining to you at your bar or found yourself being shouted down the phone at? Then you’ve already got a wealth of problem-solving experience.

If you get through to an interview, consider a time you’ve had to deal with a potentially catastrophic customer situation, and managed to respond calmly and find a solution. This sort of critical thinking is invaluable across all sorts of work sectors, and you’ll soon find a way to put it to good use.


If you’ve found yourself being given any extra responsibilities at your part-time job, don’t forget to use these to your advantage. Especially if you’ve been given and money-handling duties, make sure you point this out.

Writing a great CV is all about backing up any claims you make to certain advantageous character traits, and simply stating that you’re a responsible, honest individual is unlikely to send a very solid message. Proof that you’ve handled money or been given more responsibility in an advanced role will scream that you’re trustworthy and hard working.

Team Work

When you’re competing with potentially hundreds of other grads for the same job, one thing that will make you stand out is how well you can work within a team.

Explain how you played a prominent role within the team at your work, socially or supportively and it’ll make clear that you’ll fit with ease into the new office dynamic at the role.

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