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To gap year or not to gap year? Whether we’re going into a new job after school or heading to university, it’s a question we have all thought about. Many think a gap year is just about travelling, but really it’s up to you what you do with so many different gap year ideas! Why not work during this time or be part of a volunteer program? Taking a gap year abroad could also improve your academic performance, open you up to the world and give you clearer goals. Plus, if you learn a language or develop language skills, then you will definitely be adding to your CV.  Really, there are plenty of reasons to start planning your gap year!

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There is no real definition of a gap year, as it’s what you make of it that really counts!  You can stay at home, go abroad, save up some money and travel around the world (in 80 days!) or you can do all of them; the world truly is your oyster! If you love travelling then it is a great time to do just that! Plenty of people also take a gap year to have the opportunity of spending more time at home before moving out. Either way, there are many different gap year ideas, so make sure to research what’s out there for you! Also, don’t jump into taking a gap year. You can still go to uni or take that part-time job and then have a gap year, you will never be too old! 

Student gap year

A student gap year is a great way to either earn some money and work experience, or travel and experience the world before going to uni and to live away from home. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is the right decision! Take a look at all of your gap year ideas and plan for at least the first few months, it will get your year off to a much easier start. Working will give you that much-needed cash for when you go to university, maybe you need to save up for a car or your rent? Or maybe travelling is more of your thing, where you can find yourself and make unforgettable memories. Either way, a student gap year is definitely a conversation starter for when you get to uni!

Gap year abroad 

Taking a gap year abroad is certainly not an experience to be missed! Not only do you get to travel the world, meet new people and have an experience that you never could’ve imagined, it also does wonders for your personal growth. And the best part? You can always return to uni life later! Having experience of volunteering, whether it’s abroad or at home, or finding a job abroad will help you with your job search after uni, as there is definitely no such thing as too much work experience! Have we convinced you to take a gap year abroad yet? Well if not, take a look at our blogs and see what you find! Or check out our section about living abroad, you will find some great tips about Erasmus, having a job abroad or studying abroad.