Congratulations! You’ve been called in for an interview! But now what? This guide will give you the top tips to help you to succeed in your interview! 


Make sure that prior to the interview you have researched the history, missions and visions of the company and their full portfolio of products or services. You may have already done this for your job application but this time you should research in more detail so that you are prepared for any questions they throw your way.   

There are certain questions that you can expect to be asked at the interview. So it is helpful to search for common interview questions specific to your industry and then rehearse them with friends or family; this will help you to feel more confident when you are put on the spot in the interview. Check out Glassdoor for reviews of the company from current and past employees as this can give you an idea about what to expect from the interview.   

If you have been told who the hiring managers or interviewers do a little bit of research on them. Look them up on LinkedIn and the company’s team page, it will make you feel at ease when seeing a familiar face on the day. 


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Prepare your portfolio


While the interviewer will probably have a copy of your CV to hand it is worth bringing a few spares with you so that you can give them to other interviewers who may also be in the room and for yourself to refresh your memory at any point. You should also bring a pen and paper with you to take notes, as well as anything else the employer has specifically asked you to bring. 

Also, if relevant, make sure that you have a portfolio of your work ready. You don’t want to be rushing around at the last minute making sure that you have remembered to include everything. 

Skills and accomplishments 

Analyse the job description and outline the knowledge, skills and abilities required. You will then be able to make links between how your skills and experiences match up. It is always good to have this figured out beforehand so that you can go into the interview knowing that you are suitable for the job and can tell the employers exactly why. 

Try and memorise phrases that you want to tell the employer, such as ‘I increased sales by 20% in my previous role’, as this will demonstrate your achievements in a practical way. This may also lead on to further discussions about your past roles and will make you more memorable.

Travel plans

Before the day of the interview make sure that you are clear of the address of where the interview is taking place and ensure that you have your travel plans sorted. On the day make sure that you leave yourself plenty of extra time in case you get lost or stuck in traffic, there’s nothing worse than running late as you will feel flustered and will lose your focus. 


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Pick out your attire 


The last thing you want to be doing on the morning of your interview is rushing around deciding what to wear. So make sure that the night before you have everything set out ready. When choosing what to wear make sure it is professional and conservative, underdress and it will appear as though you do not care but overdress and you might stand out for all the wrong reasons. Once you have decided on your outfit ask friends and family for their opinion. The interviewer will make their first impression of you in 60 seconds so this is very important!

Remember to remain positive as this will do wonders for your performance. Always answer questions clearly and concisely and let your personality shine through! If you are well prepared you should have nothing to worry about, and no matter what the result is you will know that you have given it all you possibly could have. Good luck!

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