A new year brings new opportunities and gives you the chance to set yourself goals that you want to achieve in 2017. Follow these 4 steps to help you to reach your goals this year!

1. Define your goals

You first need to consider what it is that you want to achieve this year, it could be securing a new job, getting that promotion you’ve always wanted, starting more exciting projects at work or even starting your own company. Whatever your goal may be it is important that it is realistically achievable and is something you can commit yourself to.

You should also give yourself a time frame to reach your goal by. This will help you to stop putting tasks off and will motivate you to reach the goal within the given time.

2. Plan

Once you have established your goals you can start considering the steps that you need to take to put you on your way to achieving them. This might be by making improvements to your CV or revamping your LinkedIn profile. While you might be busy with university or your current job it is important to set aside time, even if it is a few hours per week, as the more you put in the more you will get out!

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3. Track

As the year goes on it will be helpful if you track your progress as this will motivate you to succeed and you will be able to see how far you have come from when you first set your goals. For example, if it is a new job role that you are after, creating a spreadsheet with the companies you have applied for, whether you have received a response and what stage in the recruitment process you are currently in will help you to remember.

4. Reflect

Towards the end of the year or at the end of the time frame you set yourself you should reflect on what you have done in order to reach your goal. If you have been successful in reaching your goal then great! But if you have had difficulties in getting there then do not spend time worrying, consider it a learning process and reflection will help you understand the reasons why you might not have reached your goal.

Try speaking to mentors and family members as they might be able to help you identify what steps you can take to reach the next goals you set yourself.


Good luck with reaching your goals! Make 2017 your year!

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