It seems that high earners aren’t just taking leaps and bounds in their careers, but pushing themselves in the gym too.

We’ve all had moments of weakness, avoiding exercise like the plague and staying in with Netflix instead, but why is it so hard to keep to a daily exercise routine?

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Buyagift’s exercise vs earnings study suggests that exercise could have more to do with your finances than your motivation. 850 people were surveyed and the results indicated that people who exercise more often earn a higher income with 85% of those earning between 100-200k per year exercising daily. And in startling contrast 37% of those earning less than £20k per year never exercise. However, this doesn’t mean that earning a lower salary is going to saddle you with an unhealthy lifestyle, it’s a two-way street that you can take full advantage of: Earning more money can increase the frequency of exercise and increasing the frequency of exercise can help you earn more money.

How does this work?

We’ve already helped you to avoid the dreaded procrastination in our ‘10 Ways You Can Boost Productivity’ post, now you can build on those new skills to rocket your career to the top.

  • Many of the richest people in the world exercise daily and not only that, they also appear to have clear sleep wake cycles, suggesting that the daily exercise they undertake increases their energy levels allowing them to get the sleep they need whilst also helping them to rise bright and early. For example - Barrack Obama sleeps for a healthy 7 hours a night and is usually already sweating it out by 7am each day.
  • Bill Gates claims that being creative requires a clear head and a good nights’ sleep. So if you’re looking for a way to excel during the day, whether that’s smashing out the essay that’s been weighing on your mind or blowing your boss away with a full proof presentation, then a little daily exercise to improve your sleep cycle could be exactly what you need.
  • Richard Branson credits his incredible focus and concentration on a little exercise early in the morning, claiming this helps him to feel more energetic, prepares him for the day ahead and also allows him to sleep better at night.

So, on top of your new productivity boosting tips which include staying hydrated (especially important for increased exercise), eliminating distractions, and setting clear goals, your new year, new you plan should look something like this:

Exercise = healthier, more rested, more energy = increased creativity and stamina = productivity and success in the workplace = higher earnings

Find out where you stand right now by getting involved with the interactive infographic developed by Enter your income and the amount you exercise which will then calculate and display if you are above or below average in terms of the amount you earn in relation to the amount you exercise.

Pushing away those winter blues is the perfect way to kick-start a positive lifestyle change, putting yourself on the road to a happy, productive, and financially prosperous future.

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