With an ever increasingly competitive environment, it is important that you can make yourself stand out in the job market. So here are 8 ways that you can make yourself more employable.

1. Part-Time Job

Having a part time job is a great way for you to earn some extra cash alongside your studies and you will also be able to pad out your resume with some valuable skills. You will learn how to manage your time, learn to work as a member of a team and enhance your communication skills. Employers are more likely to pay attention to your application if you have some work experience, no matter what the job role is, simply having experience will show that you are eager to learn and take on new responsibilities.

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2. Volunteering

A study has shown that 80% of employers are more likely to hire a candidate with voluntary experience as they believe they are harder working, better team players and more self-motivated than other applicants. There are many options when it comes to volunteering; helping out at your local youth group, working weekends at a charity shop or asking a local charity if they need any additional help. Not only are you able to gain experience from volunteering but you will also be benefiting the community around you.

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3. Get Online

In 2017 it has been reported that just under one-fifth (17.5%) or companies plan to use social media for the recruitment process and 60% or organizations use social platforms as a way to research job applicants. This just shows how important social media can be for your job search, so you need to consider that what you put out there to the world might be seen by your future employer.

In recent years, blogging has become a way for individuals to showcase their talent. Whether this is journalism, photography or graphic design, there is a platform where you can show off your work. By blogging you put yourself ahead of other candidates as you have evidence of work you have produced and for employers, it gives them something additional to look at other than just simply a paper CV.

4. Learn a Language

Learning a foreign language can open up many doors for you! Employers view this as a valuable skill to have, particularly within organizations that operate at an international level. Learning a new language can be a long process and can be very challenging, but your confidence will improve greatly and will give you many more options for future work or study. Duolingo is a great place to start, their app is easy to use and you can learn while on the go.

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6. Play a Sport

Participating in any type of sport will show prospective employees that you are willing to work as a part of a team, something that is valuable to any organization. You will also become more disciplined if you take part in sports because you will have a training schedule and will have time for the activity outside of your day to day tasks. These time management and self-motivation skills that you will gain will set you ahead of other candidates in the job market.

7. Go Traveling

Although your decision to go travelling might not be directly as a result of study or employment, it still brings with it valuable skills that will help you become more employable. You will gain greater knowledge about the world around you which will be extremely beneficial to you in any workplace.

During your travels, you will meet a lot of new people, and your interpersonal and communication skills will improve significantly. You will also be pushed out of your comfort zone and as a result, you will return home with more confidence and independence.

8. Learn a New Skill

A way to pad out your resume and to become more attractive to employers is to learn a new skill! The internet is a great place to start courses and online learning platforms where you can start learning a new skill today!

YouTube is also a great platform where you can learn to cook, learn how to use Photoshop and pretty much anything you can think of! Using your own initiative to learn a new skill will give you something to talk to the employer about in an interview and will show your eagerness to learn.


Do you have any suggestions about how you can become more employable? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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