The 89th Academy Awards were certainly one of the most entertaining awards shows to have graced our television sets of recent. The show, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, provided the usual emotional speeches, a musical performance from Justin Timberlake and an embarrassing blunder which meant La La Land was wrongly named Best Picture. Here are some job search lessons we can learn from this years Oscars:

Dress to Impress!

The Oscars are always a glamorous event, where the stars pull out all the stops to make it on the best dressed list. In an interview it is essential that you look presentable and follow the dress code to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. Do your research to discover what attire the employees usually wear to work, for example, is it a more formal atmosphere where shirts and ties are the norm or is it a casual environment where jeans and a tee are acceptable? If necessary, ask the hiring managers what would be most acceptable, you don't want to make it on the worst dressed list!

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Things Don't Always go to Plan

One of the standout moments of the night was when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway wrongly announced that La La Land had won the award for Best Picture, rather than Moonlight. Halfway through their acceptance speech the stars and producers of La La Land were forced to give their trophy to the rightful winners of American Drama, Moonlight. It just goes to show that things do go wrong, even when rehearsed, so next time you are in an interview and something doesn't go to plan, remain calm and resolve the situation the best way you can. We are human and we are allowed to make mistakes.

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Be Grateful

Think of nominations like invitations to interviews, you have made it to the final stage of the recruitment process and you are viewed as one of the best candidates for the job. To make it so far you should be elated as the job market can be extremely tough at times.

Once you have performed in the interview the decision is left to the employers. If you get the job you don't have to give the same heartfelt acceptance speeches that the stars do, but you should express your gratitude towards your new company and also celebrate your hard work in getting there!

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Enjoy Yourself

Although the job search process can be a tough at times, but try and enjoy the experience as much as possible and remain positive. Particularly among graduates there can be a lot of pressure on finding a job, but as Leonardo DiCaprio proved last year - you will get there eventually if you stick at it and give it your all.

Think of it as a learning process, while you might not secure a job, you will learn valuable skills along the way and will get more comfortable with the interview experience.

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Have you got any Job Searching advice that you want to share? Comment your tips below!

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