We’d all like to have a little extra in our pockets come the first of the month. But how to multiply your moneybags, with a raise nowhere in sight and that promotion taking its sweet time? The answer, of course, is a second job.

Here are some great, part-time money-makers that you can work around a standard 9-5.


If you have a decent degree and a clean DBS, or are even just good at something, you can tutor. People are constantly looking for private tutors in all sorts of subjects, from fashion design to architecture to music lessons. And it’s excellent money – anywhere between £25 and £55 an hour.

You can go one of two ways with this: freelance or through an agency. The former can be risky; you have no protection if a client is reluctant to pay up, and finding work will be harder. Websites like First Tutors hook you up with clients near you. Or you can try working online, over Skype or an online classroom; though it commands a reduced fee, this method has no travel costs and is minimally disruptive to your evening.

If you go via an agency, you’re likely to only deal with fairly well-off clients. This is no problem, of course, and you’ll be assured of your pay at the end of every month. A quick Google will give you your most local agencies, and their application procedures usually involve a DBS check and interview.

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If you have the skills, you can make good dollar off coding. Companies are constantly looking to outsource work; it’s cheap, quick and time-efficient for them, and handy money for you!

The beauty of coding is that it’s all done over the net, so you can work from home, from any country in the world. Websites like RentACoder and Due can help hook you up with jobs, making you part of an online community.

In fact, freelancing coders can make potentially more than those in full-time positions. Just look at 27-year-old James Knight, who quit a well-paid software writing position at Google to go freelance, and has watched his bank balance rise ever since!


You’ve heard of Airbnb. Maybe you’ve even used it on a holiday or two. But have you considered leasing your own property to strangers?

If you have a spare bedroom in a tourist area like London, it’s a no-brainer. But even if you don’t, leasing out your own room for the occasional night or two may still be possible. Head to a family member’s house for the night, or ask a friend to put you up for a cut of the rental fee, or. Every little helps, after all.

Of course, there are caveats that come with leasing you own apartment, especially if you’re renting yourself. It’s recommended to seek the approval of your landlord before you list on Airbnb. The last thing you need at this point is to get evicted.

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Medical Testing

Maybe being a lab-rat wasn’t one of your ambitions when you left university. But if you trust in the power of science, taking part in pharmaceutical trials can earn you easy money on an ad hoc basis.

It’s not for everyone. Make sure you’re familiar with the facts and risks before you sign on for anything. Conditions such as asthma and depression will rule you out of many experiments, while certain medications may interact with the drugs tested. Never ever lie about your medical history when signing up to a test. It’s not worth the dangers involved.

The grand-daddy of all drug tests is the famous Flu Camp, which pays you between £2000 and £3750 to sit in a room for a few days. Result.



If you own a bike and live in London, why aren’t you already signed up to Deliveroo? Famous for providing quick lunches and dinners to hungry folk, this thriving service offers flexible hours to anyone with their own two wheels. Plus, you can get fit while you do it!

Shifts run for three hours every afternoon and evening – the latter perfect for after-work activity. You have to do two evening shifts each weekend, but everything else is optional. Of course, you don’t get paid for what you don’t do, but that’s freelancing for you.

So there you go – five ways to make easy money on top of your salary. Use them wisely, and you could find yourself buying the rounds come payday!

Susanna Quirke writes for Inspiring Interns, a graduate recruitment firm which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and giving out graduate careers advice. To hire graduates or browse internship London, visit our website.

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