Job competition is tough these days, and it’s said that an employer will look at your CV for an average of six seconds before they decide whether they want to see you for an interview. It’s vital you take the time to make it the best you possibly can. Here’s some tips on how to get hired:


If the employer looks at your CV and it’s not set out in an appropriate way, they will immediately disregard you for the position due to the extreme amounts of competition. Don’t clutter – remember less is more, so keep it simple and readable. Clear sections, titles, and bullet points are a good start. Make your CV is two pages max. Be sure to triple check spelling and grammar!

Contact Details

I know it sounds simple but make sure to include your basic contact details. Name, address, phone number and email (make sure it’s a professional one!) You should add these as a header to all pages in your CV in case they get split up.

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This should consist of a few short sentences, basically just introducing yourself to the employer. This is where you need to sell yourself! How are you unique? Try adding your LinkedIn profile so employers can easily find more information if they need to. Keep it brief, and make sure to expand on it in a covering letter.


Don’t just state your responsibilities, state the outcome of your responsibilities! What did you achieve? How does it apply to this new job? Put in unique achievements, not just generic ones that almost everyone else will have. Make sure you stand out! Try to use active rather than passive statements, as this will make you seem like a higher achiever.

Be Honest

Your CV will most likely be used to structure the interview, so please be honest! It can be tempting to exaggerate but don’t fall into the trap! Employers will spot when things don’t add up and inaccurate information can cause problems down the line. Use your CV to promote your real skills, achievements and successes.

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Although your CV is a professional document, there is no reason you can’t add a touch of creativity. Employers value digital knowledge, so why not add in a link to your blog webpage or YouTube video channel? It is what makes you unique and will definitely make you stand out, especially now that many jobs revolve around something technologically based. This can be a really good way of showcasing your skillset, however don’t go overboard and keep it relevant.

Tailor for the job

Research the company and look at what they do – any facts/goals/mission statements on their websites. Read the job description properly (and steal some of the words out of it to put in your CV!). This will allow you to get into the head of the employer. What would you want from someone applying to the job? What skills? What achievements? Every time you apply to a new job, slightly tweak and make small but significant changes. It could make a whole lot of difference as to whether you get the job or not.

Molly Linsley is a StudentJob Blogger and is currently in her first year at Newcastle University studying Marketing and Management. Check out her LinkedIn profile here!

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