A part-time job whilst studying may seem like a lot to handle, and some people do struggle to keep up their grades whilst working. However, it comes with numerous benefits; some you wouldn’t even realise until you’ve got a job.

Less Stress

Some may think that a part-time job is, in fact, the opposite of less stress, however, working for only 10 hours a week will provide you with that little bit extra cash; helping to relieve the worries which may be caused by lack of money. Moreover, you can use the money you earn to help de-stress from uni; spend it on going out with friends, a nice meal or even save up for a holiday!


Many people forget that work can be an amazing way to meet new people. You may meet other students, or people from the town your university is in – in which case, they can help you get to know the city, especially helpful if you’re in your first year!

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New Skills

It is important to remember that every job requires you to obtain at least some new skills – if not loads of them! These are likely to be more practical skills required in the working world, which you may not have learnt in education; how to cash-up a till or food hygiene safety.

Time Away from University

Studying a single degree full time can mean you end up spending your days doing the same thing, in the same place – whether it be your bedroom or the library – there can be little change of scene. However, a part-time job can mean you start going to a new part of town, meeting new people and doing things you may have never done before. A job can be an amazing get-away, as you can have time away from studying, without feeling like you’ve wasted your day.

Build your CV

More experience on your CV will make you much more employable in the future. If you’ve had a part-time job at university, it demonstrates that you are able to organise your life so that you can handle more than one thing at a time. Employers will find this appealing, and whilst right now you may not think that pulling pints in a pub, or working behind a till will help towards your future, it might give you that advantage on someone else when applying for a role in your dream career.

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Networking and Opportunities

You may think that it is way too early to be thinking about making connections and taking opportunities towards a future career, but it is never too early! Setting up a LinkedIn profile and connecting with your managers and other colleagues will be hugely beneficial. In many jobs, especially ones such as journalism, public relations and marketing, connections are vital – knowing the right people can get you where you want to be. Therefore, a part-time job may give you the opportunity to meet someone who works in the field you want to go into, or knows someone who does. Moreover, many companies, such as Waitrose and Tesco, offer brilliant graduate schemes. It may be easier to be hired for these schemes if you know the company first hand, and if you know someone, for example, your manager, who will be able to put a good word in for you.


Cecile Hemming is a StudentJob blogger, she is currently studying English at The University of Southampton. Check out her LinkedIn profile here.

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