With the rise of the internet and the dependence on computers today, it is very likely that one day you will be interviewed via video chatting networks such as Skype.

As video calls are often considered casual and thought to be used for catching up with some relatives that live miles away or just having a chat with your friends that are away at University, it is easy to forget that a Skype interview should be smart and professional just like a face to face interview. So, if you have a video call interview coming up or just want to be prepared for the future, here are my top tips for success in a skype interview.

A Professional Username

You know what they say... ‘’First impressions matter’’, and if your interviewers first impression of you is some childish username that you haven’t updated since you were 12, you’re probably not going to get very far… Just imagine you’re emailing your skype address and your interviewer receives a name like ‘dizzytinkerbell’ (which once upon a time was my own username...), they’re not going to take you very seriously. So, before you send your contact details, change your username, or create a professional account. Keep it simple, try not to use any nicknames or add any hobbies, keep it as close to your own name as possible and if necessary add the year you were born to keep it professional as possible.

Check your internet connection

You’re halfway through your Skype interview and everything is going great till suddenly…your call starts losing connection and eventually cuts off. Now I know that internet connection can be somewhat unpredictable, but if you know your internet isn’t great or needs fixing, you should make sure this is done before the date of your interview. If you know your internet connection is not reliable and you know a friend or family member that has brilliant connection, perhaps ask them if you can use their Wi-Fi for this one occasion? Or, make sure everything is prepared, that there are no missing wires, everything that needs to be plugged in is plugged in and maybe kindly ask other members of the household to not use the internet whilst you are in your interview so your connection stays stronger.

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Your Setting

So, your username is professional, but what about the space where you are sitting for your interview? Is it clean and tidy? Will you be disrupted? Is it a quiet space so your interviewer will able to hear you clearly? These are all considerations you need to make before answering your Skype call. Make sure you tidy your setting and put away anything you would not like your interviewer to see (like dirty washing…that would be awkward), remind others you cannot be disrupted and that you are in a room away from any noise. (and get rid of any distractions…turn that mobile phone off!!!)


Any face to face interview you have you would make sure that you look smart and presentable. The same goes for a Skype interview. Dress to impress! Dress as if you’re walking out the door to go to an interview and that you’re not staying at home. Wear something your employer would expect you to wear, look as smart as you can and make a good first impression!

Body Language

Act as if you really are in a face to face interview. You might be talking to someone on a screen, but behave as if they are really in front of you. Keep eye contact, don’t look distracted, radiate confidence by sitting up straight and smiling. Be aware of your body language it says as much as your words - articulating with your hands can show your relaxed just like verbally a bit of humour might break the ice, but don’t overdo it. Most of all be yourself, your best self and all will be fine.

So, there you have it! My top tips to a super successful skype interview! Keep these in mind and you will be triumphant in video call interviews. Good Luck!

Emma-Rose Lees is a StudentJob blogger, and is a student at the University of York where she studies English in Education. Check out her Blog and make sure you Like her Facebook Page!

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