Simon Mainwaring (Blogger) says that ‘Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but a service to community’. This is exactly what LinkedIn provides. A professional service in which you are able to build networks and promote yourself to potential future employers.

In this blog I am going to speak about 5 really simple rules when creating your LinkedIn presence.

1.Remember The Why

When creating your LinkedIn there is one really important thing to remember throughout, and that is why! Why are you creating your profile? Why are you the person, employers want? Why will they want to stay on your profile?

LinkedIn is unlike any other social media platform and it needs to treated much like you would treat your personal statement or CV. Through this method, employers in any industry will be able to search for your profile and many others, so to get the most out of the service your profile needs to be on point otherwise you may just be seen as another fish in the ocean.

2. Perfect Your Bio

Much the same as my last point don’t allow yourself to be another fish. Every single person is different and your bio is your chance to show everyone what you've been through, what your personality is and generally who you truly are.

This sounds slightly pedantic but imagine yourself as a story and your bio is your blurb. Sell yourself honestly but push the aspects of you that are your strengths and show how you personally turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Your blurb says more about you than what is written, it also tells those who see it how you view yourself and where you want to be, so it’s really important to get it right.

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3. The Right Picture

So selecting the right picture. Well I can definitely say it isn’t going to be one taken in a club at 3am. This is another time when you need to remember LinkedIn is a different kind of social media. Your photo needs to be professional.

When I say professional I’m not saying you need to get down to ASDA and get one of those passport booth photos but at the same time it’s unlikely to be the same as your Facebooks. Key things to remember when choosing are;

  • Be on your own
  • Be smiling and tidy
  • Be in a suitable location
  • Don’t wear anything offensive

These are very basic standards for your picture but as long as your photo gets the four ticks then it should be perfect for your new boss to see.

4. Grammar Checking

The same as any professional writing, one of the most important parts is to read back through your work and correct all those silly little mistakes. Whenever you look at any job description a skill that is always asked for is attention to detail so show you can do that by simply making sure you haven't made any horrible mistakes.

It only takes 5-10 minutes of your time and if you get it right then it will be more than worth it.

5. Keep It Recent

Now comes the one time I will say treat it like Facebook. Update your profile regularly, by using LinkedIn it is so much easier to keep your Employment record and achievements up to date so as simply as you’d update your Facebook statuses, keep your LinkedIn as regularly in tune.

You would hate for a dream employer to skip past your account just because you haven’t updated your recent grades or that you have been working in the industry recently.

Remember you're selling yourself to them and so is everybody else.

To keep to my normal format I will finish with my closing quote, Jeff Bezos (Amazon) ‘Your brand is what people say about you, when you’re not in the room.’ So make sure that room is only talking positively.

Daniel Chamberlain is a StudentJob blogger, and is currently studying Events Management at Bournemouth University with the hopes of progressing into the marketing industry. Check out his LinkedIn profile here!

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