We think we know what it takes to hack it in a work place- get on with your colleagues, the customer is always right and don’t anger the manager; you know, the basics. But, what we’re never really told or explained to fully are the skills that are taken for granted that every employee should be able to do.


Something so simple, you might not deem important- but communication in any work environment is essential in order to get on. As millenials, we know how to communicate- we e-mail, we snapchat, we whatsapp, we tweet, we FaceTime and we even text message; but our interpersonal skills have suffered as a consequence. Public speaking is a something that can induce cold sweats in someone, but being able to address anyone- whether a group of colleagues or simply just one person in the correct way, tone and circumstance is essential to show confidence in your own work and will inevitably lead to progression. Writing well also goes hand in hand with this; learn how to skill fully address audiences with the appropriate language and tone and it will give the image of being professional and successful in your role. Mastering these skills will give you the confidence in not only your own performance but also to network with others and to expand your own prospects.

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Self Management

It feels almost ridiculous to be writing this, but self management is one of the most important things to master in order to convey your independence in the workplace; even something as obvious as arriving places on time will make such an impression to employers. Self organisation is of course key to this, and being productive and efficient during your working day will ensure success.

Working with Others

Yes, we all claim to be excellent team players on our CV’s, but the truth is, having to accommodate others can prove to be difficult for some. Learning how to bite your tongue and pick your battles will demonstrate your own maturity and abilities to compromise and negotiate.

Self Promotion

In general people find it hard to sing their own praises, but if we want to move on in the world of work it’s worth learning. Telling your current or future employers all about your achievements and what you can bring to the table isn’t big headed or boasting, it’s reality so learning how to present yourself successfully will come in handy not only for interviews and meetings but also for CV’s and job applications. Don’t be shy, own your capabilities.

Use your initiative

Not asking your colleagues or managers to hold your hand through important decisions and actions will demonstrate your bravery and confidence in trusting your own instincts whilst coming to a decided outcome. This is something you will take with you down any career path and will of course develop with experience. There may be times where things don’t go as planned, but learning what not to do, is almost as important as learning what to do.

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