Student life is all about fun, the night-outs, parties, clubs, drinking games and much more. Mostly students does not follow a serious dressing style unless and until they are about to leave the college and enter the world of responsibilities. Most of the time you are not ready for it but, then it is the time you dress like a Man. It is the time you meet people and start networking and the best time to create and leave impression on the people.

So if you too are planning to buy a suit for yourself and look amazing then these tips are going to help you for sure.

Don’t stop at one

Yes, we all have heard the old saying where elders suggest youngsters to buy a good suit which will be there throughout the lifetime. No doubt it was a time when people didn’t had the money to spend on suits but, things have changed today. Now you can easily spend money and find good deals on suits when you shop at Asda.

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Spend time, do research

If you find a suit with a price tag as low as what you cannot imagine. But that does not make you go for it. Better take your time and check for the quality of the garment. Right suit with right fit is important to get the right look. Moreover, pair it with Armani watches that is available at TicWatches and you are done!

A good collection of office suit attire is also available for women. So they can simply go through the collection and check out the suits & separates collection at Boohoo. The best thing is that you can easily bag a 20% discount on everything at the store.

Whatever it is, make sure you find right fit suit which does not end you up in a baggy shape.

Go for the classic one

If you are planning to spend money generously or you want the best one for yourself, go for the two-button suit. You can get a complete gentlemen look by accessorizing up your suit with accessories like ties and cufflinks.


Get the right pair of shoes

A pair of black and brown shoes is enough to make your day. With better deals available out there at all the outlets in the city, finding a pair right within your budget will not be a big deal. There is no need to spend hundreds on a single pair, choose a pair of shoes good in quality and it will last for years.

Do proper cleaning

Everything lasts long if you take proper care of it. Same goes for your suit too. Make sure they do not undergo frequent dry cleaning as it may cause the garment to fade and get damaged. Cleaning them just for a few times in a year will do the job.

So if you are planning to dress up for an event, interview or say for the fresher’s party right suiting attire will definitely help you create an impression. So follow the aforementioned tips and you will be able to dress well within the budget.

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