If you’re a student looking to travel abroad for work experience, there are a number of different benefits as to why you should do this. Whether you’re a student who is just finishing university or you’re a student looking for a seasonal placement in order to gain some form of experience, there are a number of different locations that you can visit in order to work abroad. If you’re based in the UK, then one of the easiest places you can head to when going abroad is Europe, and this can open up a whole new world of work opportunities because the likelihood is you don’t need to get a working visa. Alternatively, there is a whole wealth of opportunities to be discovered in America, and with camp placements in particular providing an easy access to work opportunities, you can be sure that your experiences will be memorable. If you are heading to America then make sure that you have your US ESTA with you, in order to make the journey far more seamless, alongside your work visa. Here, we’re taking a look at the benefits that you can experience when going abroad for work experience.

Experience Different Cultures

One of the major benefits of heading abroad for work experience is the fact that you can dive straight into a whole new culture. Whether you’re travelling and working to support yourself, or you have a placement at a summer camp or international company that is willing to take you on for a certain period of time, you will find yourself completely immersed in a whole new environment. This will allow you to appreciate and understand new cultures in the world, whether you end up in America at a summer camp, grape picking in France, or teaching English in Vietnam. Whatever you decide, the cultural experience will be one that will never be forgotten.

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Interact With New People

Interacting with new people, in a new environment, can be hugely important, as you will meet people that you will have never previously had the opportunity to meet. With them, you will discuss life experiences, share stories and have an impact that you may never have thought possible before. Interacting with new people and building your communication skills, whether that's through learning a new language or simply being patient with someone trying to speak yours, can be extremely beneficial in later life.


Take On A New Experience

Taking on a new experience can provide you with international life skills that you may have never had the opportunity to grab hold of before. These experiences can become highly useful when working in later life, as you will develop a certain outlook that you may never have previously had. This can be particularly eye opening when it comes to experience the culture and different types of people in the world, whether you’re heading to America or another country around the globe. Many employers also look for some form of international experience on a person’s CV particularly when it comes to management roles, or roles that deal with a varied selection of people, as it can show that you have already developed the knowledge and compassion from your work experience abroad.


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