Job Hunting Tips and Advice for Millennial Students

By Elizabeth Heron on 25-07-2017

Getting a job or working towards a long-term career as a millennial has its challenges just as any generation before. Utilizing a few job hunting tips for millennials is a way to truly ensure you are making the most out of your next job search, regardless of the position you are looking to obtain. 


Get Active Professionally with Social Media

Using social media properly and professionally is one of the most vital job hunting tips for millennials to put to use prior to submitting applications. Clean your current social media presence by setting your profiles to private or removing content that may be deemed offensive or potentially damaging to your own reputation as many employers today turn to online profiles when hiring new employees. Join LinkedIn with a professional head shot and begin updating your profile with achievements, work history, clubs, and awards you may have earned in the past. Ask past employers, colleagues, and friends to leave you a recommendation in return for a recommendation of their own to "beef up" your profile while standing out to recruiters and employers who may browse your profile in the future.  If possible, develop your own personal website to showcase your portfolio and the type of qualifications or skills you have professionally. Sharing your website's URL with head hunters and potential employers shows them directly how serious you are about pursuing your career and building your portfolio for the future.

Crafting the Ideal Resume 

Crafting the ideal resume is essential when searching for a new job, whether you are looking for a starting position or one that requires a degree and experience. A well-crafted resume is a way to stand out in any field, regardless of your competition and the number of positions that are currently available in your area. Using resume builders, viewing sample resumes, and polishing the language you use within your resume itself is imperative to stand out to potential employers, hiring managers, and recruiters. It is possible to get the perfect call center resume with a bit of research, sample resumes, and tweaking of your own resume to reflect the position you desire.

Follow Application Guidelines and Rules 

Whenever you are submitting a resume or an online application, always be sure to read the guidelines and potential requirements prior to sending your information to potential employers. Some online applications require more information regarding specific industry experience, whereas other locations may only require a basic resume with traditional formatting. Take your time whenever you are applying for a position and put in the effort to personalize and customize each application for the specific job you are interested in. Always be sure to include various keywords that are relevant to the position you want, as many online applications today automatically scan documents to highlight the resumes of those who are truly qualified and understand the industry itself. 

Follow-Ups and Courtesy 

Following up with applications you have submitted can be done via email or phone depending on the method you have used to originally apply for the position. Sending a follow-up email or making a phone call is a way to share your interest with employers while also determining whether or not the job has been filled by another candidate (ultimately saving you time). Additionally, sending a "thank you" letter to companies you have applied for is another way for you to show your interest in the position you have applied for to keep your name relevant to hiring managers and those seeking new employees. Putting in the time and effort to make yourself known while remaining courteous may drastically increase your ability to land in-person interviews and any job you have in mind.  Taking the right steps when seeking a new position helps to increase your chances of landing a job that is right for you and also fulfilling. Implementing a few job hunting tips for millennials allows you to stand out to employers when they have an overabundance of applicants vying for the same job. The more you are able to make yourself stand out online and professionally, the easier it becomes to land a position that is truly fitting for you and the career you wish to pursue in the future. 


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