Work life is like Pandora Box full of surprises and shocks. Everybody enters an organization with his own mindset and hopes to provide his inputs, be the best employee of the month, an asset of the company and live a relaxed life. How often do these expectations come true? How often is a well-qualified individual given the same respect as an employee who is associated with the organization for a long time? Most importantly, how should one work in the organization?

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A company is full of people from different backgrounds, a difference of ideology and targets. It's normal, when a different set of people measures and interacts, that there will be clashes, a difference of opinions, insecurity and many other thoughts that will make people cynical. At times people's resentment creeps in when issues are not resolved, and lack of healthy communication leads to politics among people. But the real question is: how to achieve targets and become the valuable asset of the company, amidst work politics and pressure?

I have worked in many multi-national companies and I have chalked down some tricks to work in office politics and reach the top:

  • Have an optimistic attitude: Being a narcissist or cynical will not help resolve conflicts. Rather, it will hate your job and make you cringe every morning. We have a positive attitude towards your colleagues and equally problematic people so that they feel comfortable in your presence.
  • Use your eyes and ears more than your tongue: It is often said, "Silence is golden." Learn to observe and listen to what they are saying. So take out your wisdom specs and observe more than just imparting your wisdom.
  • Compliment your words with your actions: Learn to Honor your words. When your actions complement your words, and you will achieve your targets; your seniors and colleagues will respect you and trust you.
  • Make your employer your confidante: If you have a situation, you can't take any more, then it's high time to talk to your employer and share your problems. A chaotic and stressful mind cannot produce results; take your stand and let your boss know what you are going through.
  • Lead by example: Lastly, believe in yourself and what you think is right to accomplish the targets. Being a leader does not mean simply giving orders. Instead, you should work as a team and do what it takes to get results.

Working in an organization is not easy but with the presence of mind and patience, you can not only achieve your goals but also carve a niche for you. Work politics is the most common practice that exists in every company; so do not quit. You must face it to get over it.

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