Thinking of learning how to drive? Here are 7 tips to get you prepared for your first driving lesson.

Make sure you have a provisional licence.

Although this may seem pretty obvious, some people forget to apply for a provisional licence when they are 16. Make sure you have a provisional licence before booking your first lesson and remember to bring it on the day of your lesson so your instructor knows that you are legal to drive on the road.

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Remember your glasses/contact lenses if you need them.

Before your lesson, your instructor will ask you to read a number plate that is 20 metres (around 67 feet) in front of you to ensure that you have good eyesight in order for you to be able to drive safely on the road. If needed, wear your glasses or put your contact lenses in before you start driving.

Wear suitable shoes.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes that have thin soles. If they are too thick, you won’t be able to feel the pedals, which can cause safety implications. High heels are completely out of the question - the heel of your foot needs to be on the floor in order to press the pedals in the correct position.

Book a lesson at a time that is suitable for you.

If you are an early bird and prefer a lesson in the morning to get things out of the way, then make sure you get a sufficient amount of sleep the night before to ensure that you are wide awake for your lesson. Alternatively, if you are a night owl, it may be better if you book a lesson at midday or in the afternoon. The last thing you would want to do is turn up to your lesson half asleep!

Ask questions if you are unsure about something.

Like most learners, you will be completely clueless about driving. You may be nervous or excited to drive for the very first time, but do not be afraid to ask your instructor questions, they are there to help you understand everything about the world of driving.

Do not panic and worry about any mistakes you have made.

For your first lesson, your instructor will drive you to a quiet side road so you get used to using the car. Despite this, you may still encounter a few cars down the road you are driving on. Do not panic when you see a car in your rear mirror, drive at your own pace and if you stall the car do not worry, your instructor will guide you on what to do. You are bound to make mistakes on your first lesson, this is normal for every new learner, your instructor will help you get better and advise you on how to fix your mistakes.

Do not expect to be an expert at driving after your first lesson.

No one will be an expert at driving after their first lesson. When you return home after your lesson, you may feel downhearted and may think that you are hopeless at driving. Remember this is your first ever lesson, you will only get better in time. Keep your head up high and look forward to learning new things in your next lesson!

How to pay for your driving lessons?

There is no point in doing all of the above if you don't have the means to pay for driving lessons! If your parents/guardians won't pay for you, then you will need a job! Check out our part-time jobs and see what you find!


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Written by Jade Nhin, a 19-year-old English Literature student from London. Follow Jade on Instagram @_jadeyyx to find out more!

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