The 5 things you’ll learn from uni

By Katie Conway-Flood on 14-08-2017

University. The big leap in education that students either are for or against. Uni can be the pathway to independence, new friends and non-stop night’s out with the side helping of working towards a degree at the end of it. Along with this experience, it will teach life lessons which can be valuable post uni life. Here are 5 things you’ll learn from university. 


You will become dependent on your independence

Moving away from home or even just going to university can come with the benefit of a new sense of independence, freedom and individuality. With your home comforts and ordinary family life not being nearby, this means you are now fending for yourself and stepping into adulting tasks such as food shopping, laundry and cooking that will leave you depending on your independence like never before.


Socialising happens outside the lecture room

Migrating into a completely new environment where you potentially may find yourself with no familiar faces or surroundings, University will enhance your sociable side you might not have acknowledged before. With the majority of your classmates in your allocated lectures and seminars being in the same position, naturally over time mixing with human kind is inevitable. However, with other things university brings such as student halls and networking events there is plenty of opportunity for socialising to occur outside of the lecture room.


You’ll have a love hate relationship with UNiDAYS

Transitioning between college or sixth form into university, you should be registered for a website named UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS is a student discount site which enables you to receive a percentage off big name brands and established companies. Being on a tight student budget and with UNiDAYS existence just a tap away this can put your temptation and priorities to the test massively, leaving you with a debatable love hate relationship with the student discount website.


There is more to uni than just the degree

With the chance to further your future career and getting an official degree after years of working hard is the sole focus of university. Even though getting good grades that will get you to a successful graduation is highly important considering the amount of time, effort and money you are investing, there is so much more to university that isn’t just the education. Prospects like getting to grips with your own life, joining unions or society groups, making long lasting friendships and relationships not to mention the struggles and benefits of independence are all matters that you will experience throughout your university expedition.


Sleep is paramount

The likelihood of busyness overruling your life is definite as a student. Balancing everything of the kind will be tricky and pinpointing free time for rest and sleep can be virtually non-existent at times. Nevertheless, when you finally take refuge after a long day under your duvet and drift swiftly off to sleep it’s something that you will adapt to not taking for granted which you will deeply appreciate. Sleep is paramount.   


5 things you’ll learn from uni. That you’ll become dependent on your independence, socialising happens outside the lecture room, you’ll have a love hate relationship with UNiDAYS, there is more to university than just the degree and sleep is paramount plus so much more knowledge you will pick up on the way.

Written by Katie Conway-Flood, a 19 year old Music Business student. To read more by katie, follow the link here:


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