We live in a technological age. Today, we use technology to interact with friends on social media, to do our weekly grocery shopping, to watch a movie and for dozens of other purposes. There is now a greater IT focus than ever before in every industry that you can think of.

With IT and computer skills being a part of everyday life, it is unsurprising that many students choose to specialise in technology-related subjects at university. This is turning out to be a shrewd move. There is a well-publicised skills shortage in IT that is a headache for businesses but can spell good news for tech graduates – especially at a time when those graduating in other subjects are struggling to find a job that relates to their field of study.

Career options for tech graduates


Here, we take a look at four career options that today’s tech graduates would do well to consider.

1. Data analytics

Big data is one of the most significant growth areas in technology. The largest companies are already investing heavily in the technology as it can bring unprecedented insights into buyer behaviour, and will drive a more personalised customer service experience in years to come. The topic is closely linked with machine learning, and both offer huge potential for those who want to be in a cutting-edge sector that is constantly evolving.

2. Web design

There are more than 1.2 billion websites out there, with more than 200 going live every minute. Every single one of them needs to be designed by someone! Businesses will constantly be wanting to update and develop their site, keeping it modern and relevant to customers. In the physical world, we will always need builders, and in the virtual one, we will always need web designers.

3. Gaming

Gaming is big business thanks largely to online connectivity. From consoles to mobile gaming, the industry now rivals the movie industry in terms of revenue generation, and it has become an accepted leisure activity among people of both sexes and all ages. Mobile gaming, in particular, is proving extremely popular which is why gaming giants, Nintendo and Sony, are entering the market. You can even find some of the best UK betting sites offering gaming options such as slots or roulette wheels. Whether you specialise in programming, developing or engineering, the gaming industry has several career options for tech graduates.

4. SEO and digital marketing

Almost every company has a website, and more businesses than ever rely more on their virtual presence than their physical one in order to thrive. This means that getting their site ranked higher on the Google rankings and creating a web presence that is better than that of the competition is not just desirable but is also critical to survival. Digital marketing strategies are constantly changing and developing, so if you want a role in which you can make a real impact on a business and where the goalposts never stand still, this could be ideal for you.

The world’s your oyster

These are just four examples, but you could probably come up with 20 more without having to think too hard. Today, IT affects everything that we do – there really is no better area in which to specialise in order to build a successful career in the 21st century.

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