We’ve all been there – waiting for certain results that mean quite a big deal to us. Whether it’s that anticipated email response to a deal-making or deal-breaking interview that makes every mailbox check a stomach-turning experience, or university entrance exam results that could our affect our whole future, results-waiting is one of the most nerve-racking experiences we can have.

Luckily, there is a way to make the waiting game more bearable. Read on:

Do what you would do if the results were fantastic

So, what do you think you would you do if the results superseded your expectations? Would you shed all the nervous anticipation and go out and celebrate it? If so, consider doing this in advance.

We know this might be a bit unusual behavior, but you’ll be surprised to see how it can drastically improve your mood and perhaps set the vibrations of the universe in the right direction.

Both the great Gandhi and several Chinese sages before him believed that our actions become our fate, so it’s probably not a good idea to spend an evening brooding and asking Google all the things you don’t want to know anyway (checking out other candidates’ profiles, how abysmally low the acceptance rate for your dream programme is, etc…).

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Indulge in your favourite temptation food

What better time to treat yourself with comfort food than now?

If your favourite meal is broccoli quinoa salad, good for you. If your favourite meal is bacon double cheeseburger with chips and a handful of peanut butter cups, great!

Eating an unhealthy meal once in a while is actually healthy. It’s been proven that stubborn resistance makes us crave anything forbidden even more and an occasional exception to the rule won’t do any harm. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Reconnect with your favourite people

Being around people we like makes us fully present and helps us forget about the pesky waiting for a while. What’s more, simple everyday joys remind us what truly matters in life, irrespective of some ominous results looming over us. Even the most diehard introverts know deep down that a genuine human conversation can have a therapeutic effect.

If people don’t quite cut it, one can also turn to pets for emotional support. This infographic nicely illustrates how cat purrs are a great natural de-stressor that can help you get through hard times. Soothing purr vibrations within a frequency range of 20-140 Hertz can calm down your nerves and may even add years to your life.

Don’t fall into the “what if” trap ever

The most masochistic thing one can do is to go through all of the minutiae of what could possibly go wrong, maybe even start scheming plan B…

The reality is, however, that many, if not most of us, do engage in this sort of thinking spree, albeit totally unwittingly. Is it helpful? No. Will it affect the results in any way? No. Then make a 180 degree turn and go through everything that could possibly go right instead.

Keep in mind that this annoying waiting shall pass

The funny thing is that regardless of whether the results are good or bad, once the D-day and H-hour arrive, we’re instantly relieved of the built-up pressure the waiting marathon has accumulated.

Which makes it feel like the waiting period is much worse than the results themselves. So why partake in the wait at all, wouldn’t it be better to defiantly celebrate life instead? Keep calm and embrace uncertainty, one day you’ll wonder if worrying beforehand made any sense.

Chin up and best of luck with your results!

Katarina Matiasovska writes for Inspiring Interns, which helps companies find the perfect intern and career starters the perfect job, in everything from tech jobs to marketing internships.

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