Confidence. This is a word that you will see on many job descriptions, under the desired skills and attributes. Employers look for future employees that exude confidence in all areas - their working ability, their personality and when meeting new people or colleagues. Having confidence in your own abilities and skills is the first step, the rest will follow as you learn on the job.

This is not something that comes naturally to all of us, it certainly doesn't mean to me. Many of us work up a sweat just thinking about an interview scenario. If you find your lack of confidence is holding you back from the work opportunities you know you would excel in, then hopefully these tips will be just what you need. Whether you are a student looking for insider knowledge, or a  recruiter looking for the next candidate interview,  this article will unravel those golden secrets!




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1. Smile! If you come across as a happy, positive person then interviewers will automatically warm to you. Employers are often looking for someone with a positive energy, that has that sparkle.

2. Eye contact - make sure you keep looking the interviewer in the eye, try not to look down when answering questions. This can be tricky for a lot of people but eye contact displays assertiveness and you can engage directly with the other person instead of looking like your trying to search for answers.

3. Be prepared - make sure you have made notes beforehand or answers to questions that you think might come up. Being prepared should make you feel less nervous. Take a notepad and pen into your interview and make sure you've already written down a couple of questions to ask the interviewer at the end - this shows that you have an interest in the role and company.

4. Dress appropriately but make sure you are comfortable - depending on the role, a smart outfit is usually required in an interview that is a suit, or a dress and a blazer. On the other hand, don't wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable, as this will affect your confidence eg skyscraper stilettos or a too-tight fitting jacket. If you look smart then you automatically come across as someone who is serious about the role and you tend to feel more confident if you feel happy with your appearance and the outfit you have chosen.

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5. Try not to think about it! This is definitely easier said than done and will take practice but make sure you are well prepared so you can walk into the interview and try and view it as a conversation rather than an interrogation with you under a spotlight! The interviewer is trying to gage what kind of person or person you are and how you would perform in the role you have applied for - they are not trying to catch you out. Think about your answers before you give them and remember to breathe!

Armed with these tips we hope you will be successful in your next job interview!

Leave a comment below if you have any other advice or tips you think may be helpful to others and let us know how this post has helped you.

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