Are you looking for career inspiration, tips about coping with stress or a few recipes to help you survive on a student budget? Whatever the topic, you’ll find somebody who’s already blogging about it.

We’ve scoured the blogosphere for relevant, informative and entertaining student related blogs. Here are five of our favourites.

1.The University Blog

We reckon blogger Martin succeeds in his aim to ‘advise, inform, inspire, and help you get a little bit extra from your time at university.’ Posts like What does revision really mean? and How to read your set texts even when you don’t want to, offer plenty of handy tips if you’re struggling with the academic demands of university.

If you’re in need of some light relief, check out When academia and Pokémon collide. This quirky post manages to amuse while delivering valuable insights such as: ’learning requires emotion. If there’s no fun involved, you may be missing out.’

We particularly like Martin’s reference to the Durham University student who decided to base her dissertation on The Kardashians, so that she wouldn’t become bored. The result? She graduated with first-class honours!

The University Blog is punchy and topical with a dash of dry humour. Pay it a visit and you’ll also benefit from a couple of valuable e-books about surviving as a fresher and preparing for academic study.


2.The Student Blogger

This informative blog is designed ‘to help students ensure the time they spend at university is spent only worrying about their education!’ Posts like 5 key questions to ask at a careers fair are packed with useful advice for undergraduates. We also recommend checking out the amusing infographic ‘An ultimate guide to office etiquette for first-time employees,’

As well as offering career advice, The Student Blogger is packed with handy lifestyle tips for new students. Topics include finding accommodation, kitting out your student kitchen, decorating on a budget and eating healthily.

You’ll also find posts about fashion, recipes, film reviews and even competition links. Head over to the blog to check out what else is on offer at this one-stop shop for students!

3. The Life and Loves of Nine Grand Student

According to blogging undergraduate Chloe, being a student isn’t all about studying. It’s also about learning to live independently and making the most of your new found freedom.  As Chloe puts it, her blog includes: ‘A lot of food, lifestyle and beauty. Maybe a little studying too...’‘

Visit The Life and Loves of Nine Grand Student and you’ll find posts about food waste, tales of her foodie weekends away and plenty of entertaining restaurant reviews (accompanied by delicious recipes).

Even if you’re not a fan of lifestyle blogs, Chloe’s blog is worth reading simply for the recipe section. Here, sugary snacks rub shoulders with speedy stir-fries and spice-laden salads.

There’s also a guide detailing where to find the cheapest supermarket staples and a student survival menu, which features a selection of tempting recipes. So if you’re a fan of curries, crumbles or that old favourite mac and cheese, you know where to look.....


Journalist Tanya de Grunwald claims that Graduate Fog is famous for ‘flagging the questions and concerns that matter most to today’s graduates.’  Packed with relevant posts and articles, this blog has a newsy feel and there’s plenty of in-depth career advice on offer.

Need info about working in start-ups?  Graduate Fog has it covered. There’s also plenty of financial advice and a job board where you won’t see any unpaid internships.

Impressively, Tanya’s blog also deals with topics you won’t find elsewhere. The posts aimed at graduates with Aspergers, dyslexia and dyspraxia are particularly useful.

5.The Careers Blog

Run by Warwick University, this blog is aimed at all students, ‘from the first year to postgraduates.’ The posts are written by members of staff, students and recruiters. While it’s pretty straightforward in terms of its content and style, the sheer quantity of informative and relevant articles makes this blog one to follow.

Looking for job application tips, sector information or guides to further study?  You’ll find everything you need on The Careers Blog. There are also some engaging articles about niche careers such as video game writing, as well as up to date advice regarding The impact of social media in your job search

The variety of contributors to this blog keeps it fresh and readable. We particularly recommend reading Assessment Centres’ 5 lessons from the Bake Off tent. Genius.

Now that you’ve acquired a taste for top quality blogs, why not explore the blogosphere yourself?

Anna Whitehouse writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in graduate jobs and finding candidates their perfect internship.

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