Going on holiday as a student might seem pretty much like a pipe dream. It’s hardly a secret that students aren't always the wealthiest of people, and so finding an affordable and cost-effective holiday can seem to be all kinds of impossible, but we're here to tell you that that isn't the case. In fact, affordable and, dare we say it, cheap holidays are easy enough to find for students. So apply for an e111 here, dig out your passport, and get yourself ready for that break you've been dying for. Here is our list of the most cost-effective holiday destinations for students.


Where better to start than on home soil? Scotland might not be particularly warm, but with a wealth of stunning cities and a culture to immerse yourself in, Scotland is quickly gaining traction as a popular student holiday destination. Glasgow alone is becoming one of the most modern and student-friendly cities in the whole of the UK, perhaps even Europe, and is packed to the brim will trendy bars, cafes and, yes, a vegetarian and vegan food scene. Edinburgh on the other hand takes a more cultural approach to its tourism. With national museums and galleries, the likes of Arthur’s Seat and plenty of outdoorsy things to do, you could even visit both cities in one trip!


Amsterdam is a student favourite when it comes to holidaying, and it’s not hard to see why. You can get to Amsterdam by coach if flying isn't your thing, for as little as £20. It’s impossible to be bored here, with the canal offering charming ambience, and a nightlife other European cities envy. There’s the Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank Museum too, so even those with an artistic or historic interest can find something to do while in Amsterdam. So take a fairly cheap break, and immerse yourself in the picture perfect cobbled streets.

Bikes along bridge in Amsterdam


With five public Universities, including the biggest art school in Europe, it’s no wonder that Berlin is such a student friendly city. The nightlife is one not to be missed, and for those with a thing for history, they’ll already know that Berlin is quite the hub. Sections of the Berlin Wall are still standing, and the ‘East Side Gallery’ is a stretch of it, covered in street art. You can walk alongside this wall completely for free! If you have a thing for horror, there’s a creepy abandoned theme park, and you'll be happy to know that while prices as a whole have been on the ride, they're still more than affordable!


Spain – the home of sun, sea and sand and, of course, the beautiful city of Barcelona. This vibrant city is filled from ground to sky with stunning architecture, and an atmosphere you can’t miss out on. Antoni Gaudi, a famous former resident, is perhaps Europe’s most famous architect, and his work can be seen all over Barcelona, and specifically the city centre. There’s music festivals on the beach – or off! – and plenty to keep you occupied in his beautiful but most importantly warm city.

Barcelona during the day



If you’re looking for something a little shorter but still packed full of things to do, why not hop across the water to good old Ireland? With charming atmospheres from Dublin, out to Galway and every town and city in between, and enough pubs, clubs and bars to keep you occupied well into the evenings, this really is the ideal weekend location – or longer if you so choose! Who knows, maybe you’ll even catch sight of a leprechaun at the Leprechaun Museum in Dublin, or spot a giant at Giant’s Causeway!

Wherever you want to go, a little careful planning and budgeting and quite a bit of shopping around could find you all of the deals you've been praying for. You could be jetting off across Europe in no time!

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