Why every student should spend at least one semester abroad?

By Master and More on 19-02-2018

Just ten years ago, the idea of taking a semester abroad was rather rare. In 2018, however, it is so common that almost every student faces weighing up the pros and cons of taking this leap. Many students even decide to go international for the whole period of their studies, which is of course a harder decision and requires far deeper consideration. There are plenty of factors that could stop you – financial, the big responsibility you take on, time spent away from family and friends, etc. However, there are also many benefits of studying abroad and if you haven’t grabbed this chance yet, you should consider taking advantage of its “light version” now – an international semester or year. So, read on and discover why it is so charming and why the number of students who go for it increases every year!

Get to know new people

What if you had good friends and acquaintances in numerous countries abroad? First of all, you could go and visit them all, or invite them to be your guests, which increases your chances of travelling and makes your stay in a foreign country more pleasant. Besides that, knowing people from different nations opens your mind to learning about their traditions and lifestyle, which will contribute to broadening your horizons and knowledge on the diverse cultures and places around the globe. Everyone is unique and can teach you something worth. Good connections are useful and develop you as a person, but they’re also interesting and make nice memories.

Experience the student life in another country

After you have spent some time at your university you are aware of how the things function there – what’s the organization, what’s the quality of the lessons and how the examination works. But how does that all go in the other countries – what is better and what is worse? Maybe is not a bad idea to get to know one other educational system to make a good comparison and also benefit from its positives. Although, you might even appreciate the things in your home country more after it!

Practise your foreign language skills

If you have made the effort to learn a foreign language, then you would probably be interested in putting your knowledge into practice. And the best way to do so is in a “real environment”, where you will need to use the language in order to communicate. If you are in this situation the opportunity for you to improve your skills is quite high. However, as a native English speaker, it will be harder for you to speak another language as most of the people know English and will probably try to use it to communicate with you. Don’t let them do so, this is your chance to practise and show that you are also fluent in their native tongue!

Live on your own in a new environment

When you go abroad with the purpose to live there for some time, you have to take some responsibilities – organise your relocating, orientate in an unknown city, schedule your new appointments and deal with some administration. For all this you will need to find information and take care on your own, which might be a bit stressful at the beginning, but will definitely give you the confidence that you are able to handle more difficult situations and rely on yourself. Check these tips for your first weeks as a student abroad if you have difficulties and need some advice. After the first organisational days you will experience what it is like to live independently far from family and friends which will be one further step in the same direction.


Who doesn’t like to travel? Surely, it’s not someone who will go to study in a foreign country. Universities and student clubs organise plenty of trips for the international students as cultural exchange is highly valued and guests are welcome everywhere. Travelling is of course one of the best ways to get to know a new country and culture, and you will have plenty of chances for it as an exchange student. Of course, you will always have the opportunity to organize your own trip for you and your new friends.


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