5 easy ways to earn money at uni

By Saffron Shergill on 27-02-2018
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The first weeks of university seem to always result in a splurge of spending. With the numerous freshers' events, parties and day trips on offer, it is impossible to resist going slightly crazy with your brand new student loan. Unfortunately, this leaves the daunting task of checking your bank account the next day, only to see the balance slowly dwindle each time. So, if you have fallen into the tempting trap of overspending at university, keep reading for our 5 easy ways to earn money at uni…

1) Find a grant to support you

Unbeknown to many students, there is a plethora of extra student grants on offer at universities. Although this varies depending on your particular course and uni, there is often many opportunities for you to receive hundreds (if not thousands) of extra money to support you while studying. With options based on sports, excellent A-level grades, family background or family income, it is worth exploring your university website to see your eligibility. After all, who wouldn’t want an extra top up of free money?

2) Sell old clothes

There is no doubt every student has a number of old tops and shirts in their wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Instead of hoarding them away in your room, why not make money and sell them? There are several great platforms to help you with this, the student favourites are Depop and Asos marketplace, giving students an easy way to earn money and find bargain items of clothing. Just be careful with this one, or you might end up doing a little internet shopping and spend your own earnings back on the site…

3) Online Jobs

If you want to earn money but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, why not try taking up an online job? There are plenty of opportunities to tutor younger students online, meaning you can teach a subject of your choice and earn around £20 an hour. An alternative is to try your hand at being a chat host for a top UK bingo site. The role involves playing games with other users and watching out for any issues that may arise in the room. This job can be done on a freelance basis, meaning you can manage your time, working around your lectures and social activities at university.

4) Brand Ambassador

Being a brand ambassador is not only an ideal way to earn money whilst studying, but this one has the added bonus of looking great on your CV. There are a number of companies looking for students to represent their brands at universities and promote their services or products. You could be the spokesperson for Domino's pizza, EY, HSBC or even Tinder…the list is long and varied! Being a brand ambassador can also help to boost your career prospects, since many companies will fast track these students to the end of their recruitment process, helping you to land that all important graduate job.

5) Course notes and books

Have you ever been so impressed with your revision notes that you sent pictures to all your friends? Well now is your chance to shine; people are actually making money from this. A fast and easy way to earn money at university is to sell your old revision notes and course books to students in the year below you. Most students cannot afford to buy brand new module textbooks and will try and get them for a lower price, and this is where you come in. Check out your university or course Facebook page, you will no doubt find a number of students seeking the textbooks you have hidden under your bed! Be careful though, as you may end up selling a book you need in the future months…


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