Have you just passed your driving test and are now facing the stressful daily commute to work or University? The thought of driving through rush hour is a big fear for many young drivers, but there is no need to worry, our team is here to provide you advice on how to be safe on the roads and what to do if you happen to be involved in your first car accident.

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How to ensure you are ready?

Although you have passed your test, the real training will begin once you begin to drive without an instructor. Driving tests tend to occur during the day or early evening which means travelling at night will be a whole new experience in itself. We would advise you to follow up your driving tests with extra training, to ensure you start on the best possible foundation. There is a plethora of options to choose from, the cheapest being to practise with a family member or friend. Driving in bad weather, at night, or on the motorway may all be new experiences and so we would recommend trying them with a passenger first before you venture out in your car alone.

How to stay safe when driving in rush hour?

Make sure to keep calm and abide by the speed limit even if a car behind you is harassing you to go faster, it is important to ignore them. Planning your route to work in advance as well as planning a backup route should your normal route be blocked will both help reduce the stress of the commute as you know where you need to be going in advance and do not need to panic if your original route is impassable. A further tip would be to set off earlier for your journey to allow plenty of time for you to arrive on time to work, this will guarantee you do not feel rushed and will allow for the unexpected including any traffic or roadworks.

How to react if you are involved in a Car Accident?

Being in your first car accident as a driver can be very daunting, it is important you familiarise yourself with what to do in this situation. Firstly, exit the vehicle if safe to do so and check if anyone has been hurt. If someone has been injured call 999 immediately. Next, take down the details of all other parties involved in the accident including any witnesses, and also remember to take photographs of the scene in case you need evidence of the accident further down the line. If you have been injured make sure to seek medical advice as soon as possible following the accident, this will act as medical evidence if you do need to file for an accident claim. It is most important to remember to say as little as possible following an accident, even if the situation gets heated, as you do not want to implicate yourself.

Can I claim for an accident if I am a new driver?

If you have been in an accident which was not your fault regardless of your age or driving experience you are entitled to make a car accident claim! So how do you go about making a claim? Immediately seek legal advice, many legal providers offer a free consultation for car accident claims giving you the opportunity to ascertain if your claim is likely to be successful and provide you with all the relevant information before you commit to taking out a claim. No Win No Fee contracts are common for road traffic accident claims which means you will not lose out if your case is not successful. Every accident is different so you cannot predict initially how much compensation you are likely to receive or how long the process will take.

If you are a new driver and would like to know more about how to claim car accident compensation speak to for free help and advice.

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