Who says that a job needs to be taken from 9-5 every day? There is no need to be in a boring job when there are so many and wonderful ones. It may not seem believable, but there are plenty of jobs out there which you will want to wake up early for. Everything from styling food, warming beds and inspecting crisps. Let's take a look at 6 of the weirdest jobs out there.

Do you hate getting out of bed in the morning? Well, a professional bed warmer may be the perfect job for you. There's a lot of things to do in the hotel. You have to wear a special hygienic sleepsuit too. We're guessing that these jobs are most likely offered in extremely posh hotels. £ 16K a year for staying bed does not sound too bad, does it?

This next job does not sound too cheery, but if you're at easy £ 45 per hour. A professional mourner is a job that is particularly popular in China, some African and Middle Eastern countries and even the UK. The role involves attending funerals to increase numbers and you are required to cry on demand.

Is your favorite pastime spending watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix? One lucky employee at Netflix watches TV all day for a job - what a dream. If you like watching all genres or movies and TV then this job is perfect for you. The job requires you to watch all of the content before it's put on Netflix for the public to watch. Reviews or all shows are also needed.

Person diving


If you were scuba diving, what food would you crave after a busy day? Pizza? There's an underwater hotel in Florida that has a scuba diving pizza delivery man. If you are afraid of the water then this is not the career for you. The pizza delivery man travels underwater to deliver pizza to anyone at the hotel. Do not worry about the pizza getting wet, it's stored in a watertight case.

For the big kids out there, have you considered becoming a waterslide tester? For an annual salary of £ 20K, you have to test lots of new waterslides at various water parks. This sounds like so much fun! As well as testing out the waterslides, you have to rate their "splash factor". Sounds pretty easy, right? You do not need any training for this job, the only requirement is being able to swim.

This could be an interesting one. Fortune cookie writers are needed to write words of wisdom into delicious fortune cookies. You'll need to connect with your inner psyche to create wonderful fortunes which people will love. Lots of fun could be had when creating these fortunes. Just ruin someone's day!

Maybe it's time for a career change.

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