If you've just graduated, finding a job is the daunting yet inevitable follow-up on your mental agenda.

Rather than spending hours on job search engines and sending out countless applications with low expectations, why not consider teaching students and children the subject(s) you have just graduated from? Becoming a tutor with Tutor House may be the right choice for you.

Tutor House is a private tutor agency in London with years of experience connecting great tutors with students and children. With Tutor House, you can create a free tutoring profile, charge the rates that you want, selected the subjects and locations you want to tutor in and you also get paid instantly and securely online.

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If you haven't considered tutoring as an option before, don't worry. Being a tutor with Tutor House has many lifelong benefits that will not only get you started on an ideal career path but open up a world of possibility for what you can do in the future. Some tutors only teach five or six hours per week, other tutors are now full-time tutors – teaching over 15 hours per week – earning great money!

Flexibility – you’re the boss!

Did you ever think that picking and choosing your hours of work would be possible in any workplace? With Tutor House, it can be. Being a tutor allows for a lot of flexibility in your schedule, which also makes it a great source of additional income if you opted for tutoring as a side job. You're the boss: you can choose the times, days and hours you would be able to allocate to tutoring students at Tutor House in your desired subject. You can tutor as little as 4 hours per week, in the evenings or weekends. Or head to the other end of the scale and become a full-time private tutor, either online or in person.

Travel – you can travel abroad and teach

If you've just graduated, you may be keen on taking a year off to travel the world with your friends and take some time off for yourself as a well-earned break from your years of studying. As a tutor, you can pair that love of travel with the opportunity to earn an income. We have a number of teaching and tutoring job, all over the globe! Teaching jobs in China are very well paid, usually twice as much as UK teaching jobs – so you can start paying off those student loans!

Tutor House offers unique and exceptional opportunities to teach around the world. We are currently offering our tutors an unmissable experience of teaching in China for a year, with all expenses covered and a salary earned over the duration. We currently have 8 jobs, to start applying now. If you're looking for something of a shorter time frame and a little closer to home, our Revise & Ski program may be of interest to you: tutoring in the morning and skiing in the afternoon!

Good pay – high demand = good pay

Tutoring with Tutor House allows for you to choose your rates per hour depending on your experience; ranging from £20-90 per hour, depending on experience. As the demand for tutors increases, the rate of pay does the same. No matter what your hours of tutoring may amount to, you will end the day with a considerable profit. We also offer revision courses, retake classes and home-schooling – so there’s plenty of tutoring work.

Teaching experience – a great way to improve your CV

The best thing about becoming a tutor with Tutor House is being able to get started without needing prior qualifications, apart from a degree and some tutoring experience. Signing up with us is free, and all it takes is an interview with us to determine the best fit for our students. Tutoring with us allows you to gain beneficial teaching experience that will help you transition into a full-time teaching position in the future.

Online tutoring – avoid the crowded buses and tubes

If working from home suits you better, becoming an online tutor is the ideal role for you. You can teach from home and you don’t have to pay any travel costs – ‘cash-back!’ Tutor House offers online tutoring positions for our tutors looking to save on transportation spends while continuing to educate students. It's a fast and effective way to answer questions, provide feedback and give students the immediate confidence boost they made need with school work.

Any questions regarding becoming a tutor getting into tutoring – get in contact with Tutor House by dropping us an email at

Don’t forget: sign up for our FREE event on July 5th to meet our team and find out more about becoming a tutor!

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