"Life begins when you leave your comfort zone". We have all heard this quote before, but is it really true? Homesickness can be a heavy burden while living abroad, preventing you from blossoming during the experience. Having homesickness is a natural side effect of leaving your home country and life behind, but you can still enjoy your time abroad. With a few key tools, you can fight this feeling so keep reading for our essential tips here:

Get involved with making friends

One of the best ways to take your mind off home is to throw yourself into new friends. Whether you are in a new school, have a new job or move to the other side of the world, engaging in activities will help you to fight homesickness. If you are studying and you want to meet people, you can join a group of people in your area to learn about upcoming events. Another great way to make friends is to live in shared accommodation, which you can find through apps like badi . This can help you meet people with similar interests to you. Sharing an apartment with locals can also be incredibly fast, integrating you as a successful native.

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Keep a positive attitude

Focusing on the negative aspects of your life will be bitter. Although it can seem like a challenge. Whilst living abroad, you want to meet a plethora of new people and experience new things. From this, try to write a journal with all the positive things that you have in mind.


If you're getting homesick, try doing something fun, going for a walk, running or watching your favourite show. We would advise you to do something physically tiring since this is more likely to change your ideas.

Plan small trips and activities

Having things to look forward to makes time pass much faster. It could be a day trip alone or with new friends, going to a museum, taking a drive or going on a Friday night. Whatever it is, you have an upcoming event that makes everything seem just that little bit easier.

Saving money for a "backup ticket"

Knowing you have the chance to return home can make homesickness much easier to manage. Even though you might never use it, you can be extremely comfortable with the opportunity to return, should you wish to.

Enjoy the moment

Try to enjoy everything you do. You will discover so many new things that when you return home, you will probably want homesick to leave your country abroad. Try to see the beauty in all the new things that you are experiencing, even though they may seem scary or unfamiliar at first. Being abroad will bring the best in you, you will have the opportunity to meet new people, become more confident and gain valuable experiences.

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