University students are always faced with the urge to make money, a feeling that emanates from a range of stimuli. Be it to fund their studies, having a good time, or trying to be independent; these reasons compel students to a quest of getting a job. However, this is a daunting task that involves certain levels of discipline and commitment that most students are not capable of handling.

An uptight boss to impress, long working hours, and stringent office rules like no using of phones while working, are a few realities that can drive a student mad and make them quit their job within a week's time. University life grants students a great degree of freedom to which most aren't used; hence a job would prove a challenging task with all its commitments and rules. Therefore, you need to understand what exactly a job requires from you such as the working hours, regulations like wearing uniforms, business ethics and not just focusing on the pay. For a better understanding of what you need to choose, one should confine themselves to these factors:

  • Requirements of the job

For starters, the job requirements are crucial to weigh if one is eligible for the task. However, this doesn't involve a Curriculum Vitae for it's mostly just a hustle. The requirements in question may be physical, academic, character-wise and so on. Becoming a model would undoubtedly require some physical traits such as minimum height and slender bodies whereas a waiter would need something different like a friendly character. You should, therefore, go for jobs that you qualify for and match the traits described.



  • Time spent at work

As a student, your schedule is pretty much dependent on your school work. Attending classes, group work, projects, cats, trips, and exams is to be prioritized otherwise you stand the risk of lagging behind in school and affecting your grades negatively. Once you have established your schedule and figured out time available to spare, only then should you consider getting a job. Get a job that doesn't creep into your school time, and gives you enough time to rest.

Some students are fond of taking their classes during the day and going to work at night; which leaves them worn-out and ineffective both in school and at their jobs. Time management is a crucial life skill for everyone- preventing time wastage and being overwhelmed by commitments. Students who find their schedules too tight can unload some of their obligations and buy essay for their school assignments, enabling them to focus on another task at hand. A word of advice is you should search for a job that works for you and not the other way round.

  • The reputation of the company

As a student, you will probably not find a job in a high-end company but in uprising businesses. Therefore, the upfront profile of the business may not be entirely clear; whether it is genuinely registered, illegal, a hoax, and so on. You should seek both public and government insight about the business to avoid enrolling in organizations that pose a threat to you. Be sure to do thorough research on the business; at least on its formation, trades, the source of their income, and payments. Also, in case an employer-employee contract is to be signed, carefully go through all the terms and conditions of the agreement and seek clarification on matters you don't understand.

  • The company regulations

Every business has a set of rules governing it- for efficiency purposes. They vary from different businesses; waiters aren't allowed to use their phones, dressing code is specific, personal grooming, etc. Understanding the job's regulations prepares you for what to expect as well as finding a job you are quite comfortable. Having to struggle with working and observing the rules is quite tiresome and often leads to employer-employee conflicts. Breach of these regulations may attract penalties- which may be subjected to your pay. Therefore, you should consider your habits before getting a job, case in point if you are always on your phone and it's against the business' rules. Get a job you easily adapt to the environment thereby avoiding rubbing shoulders with your boss.

  • What you like doing

Although passion might not quite stand out as a crucial factor, it helps in how well you are absorbed in work. People have been found to perform much better in jobs they are passionate about compared to the ones they aren't. As a student, you are in the prime of engaging in activities that you deem as exciting. Having a ‘boring' job gradually evolves into a series of issues such as underperforming, reporting late to work, and excuses for why you can't come in for work. However, with a passionate job one finds themselves automatically engaged, being creative, and a general feeling of content.

  • Favorable working conditions

Desperate to secure a job, students go to extreme measures and against certain odds to score a good job. Some take jobs that are far away from their residence or school, thus, making it a daily struggle to get to work on time or agreeing on schedules that are too tight, i.e., their class ends at 11 am and is supposed to report to work the same time. Such small issues gradually amount to taunting tasks that are unbearable thus destroying your work experience. Remember that getting a job is purposed to ease your life by providing you with some cash not burdening you with responsibilities. You should, therefore, settle for jobs that are nearby, and with a comfortable schedule.
Considering these factors will certainly ease your transition to having a part-time job. Regarding each factor ensures you find the right job you qualify for thus becoming effective, get the right working conditions to complement your school work as well and maintain comfortable experience throughout the alternating schedules. Part-time jobs for students are quite helpful as they prepare them on future work commitments and discipline, becoming independent and engaging in productive practice- sheltering them from idleness and other vices such as using drugs which is familiar to university students.

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