10 of the hardest interview questions to prepare for

By StudentJob partner on 20-06-2018

However thoroughly you might prepare for an interview in a bid to banish the nerves, you can never rule out the interviewer asking you something quirky that catches you off guard. Their objective is to test your ability to think on your feet, so here are ways of handling particular tough queries...

"Who is your hero and why?"

One of many testing interview questions unearthed due to research mentioned by iNews, this is intended to assess your values. Therefore, choose someone whose beliefs align with your own.

"Is Batman a superhero?"

Yes, this has actually been asked at an interview - for a support engineer position at AlphaSights, says Mirror. Batman, it could be said, acts like something of a dark superhero, though his very human capabilities might put the "super" part of that equation in doubt.

"What's your coping mechanism when you've had a bad day?"

It's easy to see why an interviewer might ask this. Respond with an example of a problem across which you have stumbled and how you proceeded to effectively overcome the issue.


"What advice would your best friend give you?"

Answer assertively; for example, by suggesting that your friend would remind you to draw upon strength and skills which they have long known you have. However, focus on those qualities of yours relevant to your capability for the job you are seeking.

"What's the most selfish thing you've done?"

You might be reticent about revealing a past failing, but you could turn it to your advantage. If you admit to having spent too much attention on your career at the expense of your friends and family, explain that you have since remedied the situation.

"What would you take to a lonely island with you and why?"

What things in your life do you most value? That's basically what this question is asking, so make sure that you answer in line with the particular impression you hope to give.

"What would you ask the CEO if you could ask them anything?"

Here, it's probably worth bringing up the subject of the organisation's future - like the organisation's upcoming challenges and plans for growth.

"Are you a nice person?"

However silly this question might seem, you could tell the interviewer that you live by your own values - and thus, you deem yourself a nice person, but other people's values may be different.

"How would you sell a fridge to an Eskimo?"

This question is a good test to overcome if you seek a sales job. Consider that, as a fridge can maintain the temperature of items inside, it could prevent milk from freezing overnight. This wouldn't be prevented if the milk was just left outside.

"What cartoon character would you be and why?"

Obviously, likening yourself to Woody Woodpecker might not be the best idea if your job will require you to preserve trees. However, nearly any choice of character can suffice provided that you explain how their qualities reflect well on you as a candidate for the job.


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