Want to get a job in Publishing? Here’s how…

By Henna Patel on 25-06-2018

Publishing is a highly competitive industry, one that is over-subscribed. This means that there are more people out there who want jobs in this sector than there are jobs available. Therefore, it can be a challenge to get into the world of Publishing, but definitely a worthwhile one.

If you’re after a job in Publishing but you’re not sure where to begin, here are our top tips for succeeding in your goals.

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Be passionate and dedicated

Employers want to see people who are truly passionate about all things Publishing. They want you to demonstrate your knowledge of literature, new trends, target audiences, and current affairs. However, they also want to see your dedication and your own personal flair. They must get lots and lots of applicants and people coming in for interviews all aiming for the same role. So you need to stand out! Show them your passion in a way that highlights who you are as a person, and how you can bring something different to the role.

Be open-minded

Undoubtedly, Editorial is the most popular area of Publishing. Most people are heading towards this goal. However, there are other very fulfilling, interesting and crucial departments that you could work in. In this digital age, more people are listening to audiobooks, and readers are using social media to hear about new books on the horizon and talented new authors. Different avenues you could take when going down the road of publishing include Audio and Marketing, which both cater to this new, modern world of Publishing where technology is all around us. Other departments include Design, PR, Sales and Rights.

Keep an open mind about different areas of book publishing too. Fiction Publishing is heavily sought after, so have a think about academic, STM (scientific, technical or medical), and educational publishing.

Get some experience

Being in the environment itself poses lots of benefits: you’ll be able to network with like-minded people in the Publishing industry, you’ll get hands-on experience, you’ll learn about the trade from the inside, and you’ll develop your skills. A lot of people will be looking for work experience, so contact smaller publishing houses instead. Also, do some research about which companies offer paid internships. These tend to be larger, better-known publishers like HarperCollins who run a BAME traineeship scheme and Penguin Random House. Again, don’t always go for the Editorial roles; think about doing some work experience in Communications for example. This department is great for learning the ins and outs of Publishing.

Get studying again

Postgraduate courses in Publishing are becoming more popular. They allow you to become more an expert in the field before you secure that dream job in publishing. There are a number of universities that offer Masters coursing in Publishing, including University College London and Plymouth University. If you have sufficient funds and look forward to being in a student environment again, then becoming a Post Grad could be a good option for you.

Publishing is a very competitive field, but it is exciting, fast-paced and fulfilling. Get the experience you need, be passionate, and do your research about different publishing houses, then you could be on your way to grabbing that dream job in Publishing.

Henna Patel writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in finding candidates their perfect internship. To browse our graduate jobs, visit our website.


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