Top Accommodation Tips for University Students!

By Megan Bryant on 12-07-2018

For many students who will be kick-starting their university journey will be living away from the comfort of their own home, and entering into the world of pasta! Choosing accommodation can be scary, so below is a simple guide on what to consider when choosing your new home...

student guide to accomodation and halls at university

Location, Location, Location…

Fantastic! You have chosen your desired University and now it is time to decide where you would like to live. Many halls of residence offer their rooms close to the university, which is ideal for those 9AMs. Although, if you are moving into private housing - please be made aware that many rooms have the attractive rental price of around £70p/w but involve a 40 minute walk to campus. So if budget is tight for this year, perhaps invest in a bike to make the commute bearable and save money on costs! 

Use legitimate search websites!

The internet, undeniably is huge - which leaves plenty of room for scammers. Solidifying the fact is is more important than ever to use trustworthy websites. Take Campus Living Villages, they are a leading student accommodation provider and one of the largest higher education student housing providers in the world, with a specialty for creating tailored student communities that suit the unique culture of each campus, university or city they work with. Incorporating local legislation restrictions, cultural and social expectations and partner requirements without ever compromising on the final experience delivered to their students.

Bills - we all need to pay ‘em

One crucial mistake I had made, was not paying attention if bills were included in the rental price. Many halls of residence will often include gas, water, electric and WiFI in the rent, hence the higher costs (however one good point of this is you never have to worry). Therefore, when I moved into private housing, I was unaware of the sudden charges of bills - and ended up paying around £60p/m extra! Also compare a list of providers and find out the most cost effective option - it is the little things that will make a huge difference.

To share a bathroom or not share, that is the question…

The countless horror stories I had heard about shared bathrooms - and more than likely you have heard them too. Personal opinion? shared accomodation is not so bad - sure flatmates can be messy, but it is nothing uncontrollable. Considering to share a bathroom will decrease your costs heavily and it is also a fantastic opportunity to socialise with others. Otherwise, ensuite rooms give you no reason to leave your room, unless you want to make a sandwich, or something more gourmet (depending how far you can stretch your budget).

Do not pack the kitchen sink!

When I was in your position, I too was searching countless websites, gathering ideas and creating lists on what to bring with. Leading me to be swamped with items I would never, ever use. Eventually I created a simple list - with subcategories listing all the rooms. For example:

  • Bedroom

  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom

For the bedroom would include most of necessities - clothes hangers, extension cables, duvet and pillow case cover, printer etc. For the kitchen I can advise bring one of everything for cutlery and plates. Then depending how much of a connoisseur you are, you will honestly only need a frying pan, saucepan and a baking tray (you will be limited to bog-standard student meals - but that is the whole point, right?!). Just remember, the more you take, the more washing up there will be!


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