Do you work or live to work?

Whatever the case may be, you should, to put it quite simply, feel balanced in your life and you should not be able to maintain a work-life balance.

Below are some tips to ponder when you are feeling out of whack.

Find a job that pays enough that you can afford a life outside of work

If as much as 80 per cent of your net monthly income gets swallowed up every month, then you will not get many activities in your interest dwelling, right?

Of course, having sufficient spare time is essential for maintaining a good work-life balance, but it is equally important to have sufficient resources to spend your spare time as you desire. Because work-life balance / integrity is not just about wading through tons of free time, but also about filling it up with memorable experiences and doing what makes you happy.

Learn to love your job / work / career

As a rule of thumb, the more you have the professional side of life, the higher that the whole work-life balance concept will lose its meaning for you.

It's because people are happy to be stressed over and over again (or at least they're positively stressed ).

Unless you inherited millions or won a lottery, there's no way to cut corners and even workers with a more flexible schedule like freelancers and startups work their asses off (these guys actually tend to have a poorer work-life balance). Yes, almost everybody does not know what you do. Realizing this will help you become more relaxed in your daily working life and you will finally stop counting down the hours until home time.

Can not stand your job regardless? Then use your spare time to prepare for that important career move.


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Pick a company that offers amazing work-life balance

When applying for new jobs, take a careful look at what your potential employer offers in exchange for your hard work and whether they have reputation for encouraging work-life balance.

If good work-life balance means the world to you, you can even take a shortcut in this regard and look specifically into businesses with best work-life balance; job search engine Indeed compiled a list of the employers offering their employees the best work-life balance in the UK. The winners came from all sectors, which means that offering a good work-life balance is not the exclusive domain of one category of businesses.

Now just to get hired by one of those companies!

Choose friends/partners who are equally busy

If you’re the type of person who likes to stop and smell the roses, then pairing up with a hard-core workaholic may disturb your work-life balance and may make you wrongly assume that you’re some sort of a slacker. For the record, no, you’re not a slacker, you just need to spend more time with someone who appreciates the simple things in life, like you do.

Ask yourself “What do I really want?” every now and then

The naked truth is that no one will answer this question for you and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance. Some people do genuinely enjoy being workaholics and forgetting to eat, for example, while others might find this lifestyle mildly self-destructive. Knowing thyself is key to living a balanced life.

Katarina Matiasovska writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in finding candidates their perfect  internship. To browse our graduate jobs , visit our website.

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