When you're approaching graduation and looking to launch your professional career, it can sometimes be tempting to take the first thing that comes your way. We all feel moments of desperation on our post-university job hunt, and those who can not lead to people starting their careers in unfulfilling roles. Luckily, this generation offers a lot of promise for the future, that is the majority of young people prioritizing a company that reflects good morals and values when looking for work, often as their number one most important factor. Starting a career somewhere that reflects your own values system is a smart move in more ways than one. 

When it comes to millennial values, climate change is a topic that understandably is very high up on the list, with more and more graduates expressing a positive impact on the environment, and a sustainable business model. Luckily, such companies exist in abundance, and landing your dream job at an eco-friendly company is not as difficult as you might think. Here are some tips on launching an environmentally conscious career.

Do Your Research

This is a given, but it's a little bit more savvy than you'd expect. Always start with some of the big companies to contribute to their eco-friendly goals, in order to help optimize your job search. Global mega-companies zoals IKEA and The Body Shop are well-known and reported on in the media for the ways in whichtheyIncorporate sustainable practices into Their work, and Their performance statistics in this regard are easy to find online.

By looking at the mission statements on various companies' websites you'll be able to find out if their values match your own. Some other examples of UK companies that have a strong emphasis on eco-friendly business models include technology start-ups like Podpoint, which is currently a world leader in electric car charging points, the major biofuel firm Bio Bean, and the Europe-wide printing company Online Printers. All of these are easy to find online because they dedicate prominent sections of their sites to information detailing the eco-friendly credentials, with the latter being a complete carbon neutral business model. There are plenty of lists and directories on the list of which companies are good and which are bad in regards to eco-friendliness, and looking at sites such as Glassdoor is also a useful indicator of how ethical is a company and workplace. 

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Landing the Role

Once you've done this is actually landing a role with them. Luckily, you'll have a good chance, as companies that share the same values as them. The important part is making sure that this stands out in your application and interview. Think about any experience you might have that reflects those eco-friendly values that you have. This could be volunteering experience or maybe time spent working with a different company that has the same kind of ethos as the one you're applying for. List all of the ways in which your experiences match up to these values, and work hard to incorporate them into your CV and cover letter. 

Once you get to the interview internship, it's all about making your passion and values shine through your personality, which should not be difficult if you're the kind of person who has gone through the trouble of looking for eco-friendly companies. to apply for. Do not be afraid to mention thatthis is what you've done in your interview, and explain why you care about environmentally conscious business models, reeling off a few facts and statistics sharp as you do. The most important thing is that the eco-friendly values are as good as eco-friendly values.

At a time when addressing environmental concerns is more important than ever, shaping your career around those concerns is a smart move that will impact your job satisfaction immeasurably - so keep on working to save the planet!

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