The link between reading and writing can’t be overestimated. And the simplest way to strengthen it is (for students) to evaluate the writing of their fellow students or maybe hire a writing service to know how quality papers are made, and at the same time, evaluate themselves as important readers. What do you really do well and do not do well? In my opinion, we should encourage students to think like writers and critics, and this helps students to become better writers and critics.

A new form of peer assessment due to digitisation


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The forum where citizens gathered in public places to discuss and exchange views and thoughts from each other has been derived from ancient Greece. In this digital era, meeting in public is no longer feasible, and computer-mediated meetings are emerging. Whatever the purpose of the mentioned group, there is one important thing to know. It is to place yourself and to engage in conversation among many egalitarian thoughts.

The computer network creates a new level of the learning environment for classroom interaction and group learning, opening up new challenges and possibilities. It is very important that the instructor chooses how to include this in writing classes. Indeed, computers should be a tool (what the instructor speaks and the student listens) to develop an existing learning style or a tool that changes the existing classroom atmosphere and actively engages students. One of the many points of view is that the longer the learning period, the more the computer is able to understand the social structure and the more the students concentrate on the writing, the more the class becomes more student-centred and consequently the more cooperative in the class.

So students became communities of the larger community through connections in the surrounding environment. I consider that this interaction results in their ability to acquire a good sense of self-esteem, resulting in one of the very important aspects of computer-mediated communication work. In fact, some students think that they would increase their interest in studying and especially reading other people's thoughts about the same problem, increasing their inspiration to organize their journals into smaller groups (not delivered to the instructor).

Computer-mediated communication is a teacher, and we have known that such e-seminars can provide more opportunities to change the balance of power within the classroom and deny our ideas of good teaching. Nonetheless, what is the type of student involvement in the submitting / reading surveillance list by the instructor?


We must know that some of the teachers in all e-seminars have the ability to exceed our expectations. Some experts suggest creating a comfortable electronic environment as it’s useful for interaction. But how can we create the environment in question? We not only have to consider our work as a teacher in all ways of school but also launch the technology in such a way as to broaden the scope of the class beyond the electronic area, as a researcher in the computer space. This connection can make us more effective and better observers.

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