Do you know about Coolessay? Well, Coolessay is a very well-known essay writing service and in this post, I would like to specifically review my honest opinion about the service. Essays, of course, become frightening ghosts for many students including myself in the past. Just a few months ago, I always avoided classes where essays were given as a graduation assignment. I don’t like the situation where I have to collect several essays on the topics that have been given before, neither do I like situations where my freedom is limited and in fact, even though I have been given the freedom to write, making a quality essay is still a hard struggle (until now).


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In this digital era, asking for help online is a choice. Requesting guidance to fellow students is not the best option and this can actually drag you into new problems. An essay is basically a series of opinions and ideas from the author on a theme. Of course, these opinions and ideas are poured in accordance with the applicable writing format. An essay has a clear plot and although it is subjective, all opinions displayed must have a supporting basis. No assumptions at all. You have to show your evidence otherwise your essay will be useless.


About five months ago, Jean, one of my friends, introduced an essay writing service. At first, I did not have any ideas about essay writing services, especially those offered online. The writing service was Coolessay and at first, I was hesitant. After the first trial, I was surprised knowing that they even provided a kind of customer service that was truly capable of answering every question I asked. I started ordering my essay, of course, according to the format determined by my supervisor. I started explaining what I needed and I was immediately connected to a writer (provided by Coolessay).


The writer looked very professional and he was able to direct me to several new approaches. He turned out to be a graduate of land law education, in accordance with the education department I took. From there I knew that every writer in Coolessay has certain specifications. This essay writing service does not provide general services but specific ones.


Coolessay provides an opportunity to revise so you don't have to worry if your essay is not in line with expectations. My first essay was quite satisfying but there was one section that had to be revised. I told Coolessay and they responded as quickly as the author immediately contacted me, we discussed and I received repairs in just two hours. That moment was quite impressive and changed my perspective on writing services forever. In the past, I was disappointed by about 4 or 5 writing services until I found the amazing service. With all the conveniences offered, I paid much lower than I had expected before. It is undeniable that this is a very cheap essay writing service, cheaper than its competitors.


Of course, there are various other essay writing services that can be hired but based on my personal experience, Coolessay is the best. For me, it’s 4.6 out of 5. Hopefully, this review can help you when you have difficulties dealing with essays.

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